SilencerCo Announces Harvester Subsonic Ammunition

Today, SilencerCo announced their own line of Harvester subsonic ammunition, starting with 300 BLK. According to SilencerCo, this ammo has been tested as having sub-MOA accuracy, as well as being the quietest subsonic 300 BLK ammo when compared to brands such as Hornady, GEMTECH, and Remington. The full release can be read below:

SilencerCo Launches Best-in-Class Harvester Subsonic Ammunition Line


WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH – Dec. 8, 2014 | SilencerCo, the industry leader in firearm suppression products and technology, today unveiled its new line of Harvester Subsonic 300 BLK high performance ammunition, designed for optimal performance in silencer-equipped firearms. The ammunition gives shooters exceptional accuracy and enhanced noise reduction without sacrificing the terminal performance hunters and marksmen expect.

Silencer-optimized Harvester Subsonic 300 BLK rounds enable groups in the sub-Minute of Angle (MOA) range, or less than 1 inch per 100 yards of distance to target. The ammo combines this best-in-class accuracy with the stopping power of a 220 grain projectile, plus unrivaled sound suppression.

“At SilencerCo, we are customers first — hunters and shooters,” stated Joshua Waldron, SilencerCo Chief Executive Officer. “We were underwhelmed by the quality of subsonic ammo on the market. Customers shouldn’t have to accept a tradeoff between accuracy and sound reduction, so we designed the Harvester ammo line to provide sub-MOA accuracy in the quietest subsonic 300 BLK ammunition on the market.”

SilencerCo’s Harvester 300 BLK Ammunition is now available for direct purchase online and through select dealers. To learn more or to place an order, go to


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