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Win A Pair Of Salomon Speedcross 3 Forces

PR 08-12

Last week, we showed you a sneak peak of the Speedcross 3 Forces, part of Salomon’s upcoming Forces line of footwear for Law Enforcement and Military. Now, we are honored to have been selected by Salmon to host a giveaway. Here’s a chance for 4 lucky readers to get their hands on a pair of this new model for themselves.

Speedcross 3

To enter, we want to here how you’d “twist” any currently available Salomon footwear to make it more in line with Military or Law Enforcement purposes. What design adjustments or products technologies would you add to make your ideal Military/LE Salomon shoe or boot?

To enter:

1. In the comments section of THIS article on SSD, share your “twist” on any currently available Salomon footwear. Text, photos, and drawings are all accepted – for any image entries, we suggest providing a link through a popular image sharing website such as imgur or Photobucket. Only entries here are eligible to win.

2. Comments are open from now until 1700 Zulu December 12, 2014.

3. Use any alias you want to post but be sure to use a valid email address since that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

4. Four (4) winners will be chosen by the Salomon Forces team based on their selection from among best submissions.

5. Winners will be announced on December 24th, 2014.

6. One entry per email address. We will delete entries that violate this policy.

7. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

Good luck!



185 Responses to “Win A Pair Of Salomon Speedcross 3 Forces”

  1. Dave says:

    Wide widths, and multicam. Blacked out models for LE uniform spec.

  2. Roland says:

    a little place to hide a dog tag

  3. Jeremy says:

    Make a version of the Quest 4D and the X Ultra Mid that “conform” to the military leather/height for uniform wear (Tan/Coyote real leather). Ideally they would directly compete with the Lowa Forces boots.

  4. Brian says:

    Expand use of Burro brown from Quest models to X Ultras and Speedcross that utilize flat colors and trim (only where applicable). Additionally, remove sheens and clear trim from Quest and change (deepen) tread on the bottom of Quest & Ultra to better support grip with teeth. Lastly, use stronger rubber for sole of speedcross to hold up better against asphalt/rock.

    • Brian says:

      pls consider a beefier version of the speedcross in a mid height comparable to the X Ultra mids but with the same spike treads.

  5. Ammokan says:

    I’d personally like to see less contrasting colors and more along the lines of current service’s required colors for garrison uniform wear. As it is now none I’ve seen fit any regs. I’d love to see some pairs with an option for higher ankles and consistant colors like sage, tan 449, mojave and the blacked out for LE and navy wear.

    That way they would work for garrison wear as well as deployment/field wear.

  6. Jon G says:

    Warm weather/ desert variant of the Quest 4D.

  7. PPGMD says:

    Ankle support, I love my Speedcross 3s but I wish you made a taller model that provided some ankle support.

    Also wider availability of the Goretex lined model would be a plus.

  8. Agent K says:

    I would like to see a tan or brown color for sand/dusty conditions.

  9. John says:

    A Black-Out version of QUEST 4D GTX model for policial use, for example, and of course, available for the european market.

  10. Colin says:

    I like Salomon boot, but I also miss my old green jungles, I think many people miss those boots, however I think they could be improved on with your boots as the twist. This could be done by adding a drainage option that can be “turned off”. This could be accomplished a variety of ways, a plug, a screw or a sliding lock. That’s all I got.
    Best of luck

  11. Kevin says:

    Make the stripes IR reflective.

  12. Romeo says:

    Can you add Molle loops or elastic loops for devices such as this “puncher”?

  13. Romeo says:

    Can you add Molle loops or similar elastic loops for devices such as this “puncher”?

  14. Brandon says:

    The “Murdered Out” 3DUltra GTX was a good start… Let’s get two more versions of that out there. A lighter tan/brown scheme, and a green/brown scheme. Doesn’t have to be a flat color palate, because, let’s face it: Solomons will never have that uniform look with out giving up the features that make them such great pieces of footwear. But going with new AO specific color schemes to “match” a little better with AOR1 and 2 (either scheme would work with Multicam) would be highly beneficial to anyone buying Solomon under the new Forces program.

  15. Richard says:

    Please please please add some 2E or 4E width shoes to your inventory.

  16. RedLettuce says:

    Interchangeable soles…

  17. Tim says:

    I’d like to see the XA Pro Mid GTX available in a non GTX version for summer use and amphibious use for better breath ability and water drainage. Also make it in black, multicam, and tan.

  18. Mark says:

    Taller cuts with better ankle support would be nice with side zips would be pretty slick too. Cam fit units like the team wendy helmets for lace up would also be delightful

  19. Scott says:

    Same as everyone else, wide! A real wide 2E 4E. Don’t need to win just want to see the change.

  20. Eric Elletson says:

    First things first, I would improve the durability of the quick draw lace system, I have had a few brake in the past year. Military and law enforcement are about strength and speed and need their equipment to be able to keep up with them. I would recommend either replace the lace locking mechanism with a more durable material or at least compensate for this by offering an extra set of laces with the shoe. When the lace locking mechanism broke on my right foot, it through me way off. One foot was tight and comfy while the other was loose and awkward since there is no other way to cinch down the lace. I love my pair of Salomon’s and planned on purchasing some new laces for them but before I could, disappointment got the better of me and took them out of rotation because I’m worried the same thing will continue to happen.

    One other thing to think about is in the military, P.T. is mandatory. That means for the majority, everyone has to drive to formation and you must keep your id on you at all times. So you could leave your car key on your tire, gas cap, wind shield wipers or in your pocket along with your id, phone and if injured, your profile. It can get pretty uncomfortable trying to keep the things in your pockets from falling out or bouncing around. I’ve been known to shove all that junk in my shoe or sock. It doesn’t cure the comfort issue but at least they’re not bouncing around. If I had it my way I would add a pocket on to the top of the tongue opposite the pocket that keeps the excess laces. Just enough room for a single key/ alarm, an id/debit card and a piece of folded paper; but not all in one shoe of course. Tighten down those laces and presto, everything is secure and still at the ready.

    The speed cross 3 is an awesome shoe if you run on trails. But the truth is a lot of military and law enforcement are pavement pounders. I would love to see a pair of the Speedcross 3’s with a durable sole intended for use on pavement/gravel and maybe even slip resistant because lord knows, P.T. doesn’t stop because it’s raining

    As for aesthetics, definitely an O.D. green, Coyote brown, grey and maybe even a camouflage pattern. All I want is a pair of O.D. green Speedcross 3’s with a metal lace locking mechanism, an extra pair of laces, a pocket for all my small junk and a sole I won’t bust my butt in when doing front back goes in a parking lot while it’s raining. Give me these shoes and I will give you my money.

  21. Ray says:

    Quest 4d Gtx in coyote/tan 499 add a composite toe and make them available in wide widths. I love the design of salomon shoes and boots but can’t buy them because wide widths aren’t available.

  22. bulldog76 says:

    14 wide and brown ( like the british combat boots)

  23. Coastie says:

    Not the first to post this, but a composite toe.

    Currently I run two sets of boots, one with composite toe on days I am moving heavy equipment, and regular LE type boots when I’m working a normal shift. If I could have one boot to do it all, I’d be very happy!

  24. mike says:

    Quest 4D in black on black on black on black. Maybe you can throw and Autobahn in there or something, but black on black with no reflectors!

    • mike says:

      and a wider toebox option on something in the XA Mid series with NO GORETEX! Whole shoe doesn’t have to be wide; I think most people who are asking for a wide probably have the same pinched toes I have in a lot of Salomons.

  25. czrecce says:

    OK, what do I want from modern hot/temperate weather combat boot:
    (No need for cold weather boots right now, people in cold countries do not tend to chop each others head off. And there are plenty of good cold weather boots around already.)

    – Usable for fast rope (more than once)
    – Drainage holes
    – Brown color
    – Vibram sole, and pattern which does NOT hold mud (actually, old panama with vibram insole would be better than most of modern stuff)
    – Above ankle height, NO cushioning PLEASE. It holds mud, water, and makes people sweat no matter how airy it´s supposed to be.
    – Lightweight, but sole durable enough that Acacia thorns in eastern Africa can´t get through. It also means leather instead of nylon on lower part of the boot.
    – No GORE-TEX! Makes me sweat and is completely useless for hot weather boots.
    – Honestly, most people would immediately buy classic old school jungle boots, with more shock resistant sole (but panama pattern), brown leather and cordura, and same durability as it used to be (I have mine for 10 years of active duty, they are almost without sole but still work).
    – good boots are for example these ones, try to go along similar lines and improve them:

    Danner Tachylon 8 Mojave – weakness is thin rubber sole, thorns DO get through.

    Garmont T8 tactical Jungle Boots – fast rope breaks the leather

    Rocky S2V – quite good, but pricey

  26. cremagio says:

    About salomon quest 4d: change the hooks with eyelets for the laces in order to make them safer for free fall jump activities and a small pocket as in xa pro 3d to hide the knot and laces and finally the protecion for the malleolus.

  27. Matt says:

    Add a hard plastic toe on the following boots in the “All Black” models for the ability to polish the boot for LE.

    Quest 4D GTX and non GTX
    XA Pro Mid GTX and non GTX

  28. Lee says:

    Hi would love to see quest 4d gtx in uk mod brown or coyote would also be great to have two models a full goretex and a non goretex possibly a model with no hooks for jumping also might be worth going for a slightly more aggressive tread for grip over various terrains especially when wet my quests are my go to boot wore them every where from Scotland on exercise in the winter in deep snow to Kenya and afganistan in blistering heat thanks for a great product looking forward to seeing the forces line.

  29. zach says:

    Please make the sole of the Speedcross (pictured in link) far more durable. It wears out after a few months of use. Otherwise it’s my favorite shoe ever. Seriously. When the treads are new, they grip like nothing else.


  30. Tom says:

    A dress shoe. with a Salomon S-LAB sole. pointy box euro toe.
    Something my boy Bond would be proud of.

  31. Ipkiss says:

    I’d like to see the use of E-vent instead of Goretex for (much) better breathability yet maintaining full waterproofness.

    Furthermore I would like to see a footbed that actually conforms to the shape of the foot and not forcing the foot to conform to the shoe/boot. Therefore: wider en more room for the toes.

    Many thanks if you actually would see into that..

  32. Pro Patria says:


    I have been playing with a military boot problem off and on for years since I landed in the 10th MTN Division in 1998. We have been looking for a boot and binding combination that would provide us with a workable ski boot solution for our environment and for most other military ski users. A boot and binding that might also be useful for other back country type of skiers. In the end it all comes back to the need to also be able to walk in the same boot as you ski in, and also be warm enough that you don’t suffer frostbite when the temperature plunges into the sub zero range.

    So with that I mind, my twist on your product line would be the following:

    Source Core Salomon products to which borrow design features from


    Integrated with the features of the:

    X-ADV 8, with S-LAB OVERBOOT

    Provide the boot in the new military standard Coyote color and make the S-LAB OVERBOOT in a White camouflage color reversible to Coyote for use in cold weather when there is no snow.

    To make this a complete winter package couple the above boot with the following Salomon ski products:

    SNS XA AUTO binding
    XADV 89 GRIP skis, subdued white in color
    A variation of the Q-BC Lab might be the ticket though to get me up to 300 lbs of floatation.
    XADV VARIO poles, subdued white in color

    The end result would be a multipurpose winter combat boot that provides walk ability for everyday use. In addition the boot has the ability to provide additional warmth as the temperatures plunge, or soldiers move to stationary duties. Finally, the boot provides for the ability for the soldiers to quickly transition with the same boot onto skis and provide them with over the snow mobility.

    Oh, did I say large wide sizes? Depending on the boot fit I wear 12.5 Wide or 13 wide. I expect to get the first combo of this offered outside of the company 😉

    Thanks for your consideration,


  33. charge5 says:

    Salomon Speedcross 3 Forces, mid height, olive, coyote or a combo of the two(or multicam) and some QUEST 4D GTXs with eylets instead of hooks in coyote, olive/ranger green mix.

  34. ramiro says:

    Pertains to all boots: more side support towards the toes, wider, thicker sole, waterproof, and have a cold weather version as well. Make a desert tan colored one.

  35. Tony says:

    I must have pair of shoes if you like walking

  36. ??????? ?. says:

    Quest 4D GTX in coyote or tan with eyelets for the laces so it can be available for military use…Way to go with the Forces line!!!

  37. Anics1130 says:

    Make the quest boot 8″ tall with an all black leather upper and a polishable toe. Also add the same quick lace system found on the xa pro 3d series.

    • Corbin says:

      This. A lot of departments, require a polishable toe for duty wear. I wear strictly salomons off duty, and that feature is the only thing that keeps me away from purchasing a set for on the job.

  38. Chuch says:

    Just reinforcing some of the above. More wide wide width options and a non gore version of the Mids and quest.

  39. sethd009 says:

    Made in the USA. Smaller brand name. Multicam.

  40. Snake says:

    Quest 4D GTX, murdered out for LE use.

  41. John says:

    Have a warm weather version of the Quest 4D’s and colors like desert tan, green and browns. Other than that shoes and boots are great!

  42. George X. says:

    Quest 4D GTX in coyote or tan with eyelets for the laces so it can be available for military use…Speedcross 3 multicam or other patterns should be fine too!!!Way to go with the Forces line!!!

  43. Carl says:

    “blackout” versions in black, OD & tan.

  44. Morten Jensen says:

    I would like to see a multicam or tan/CB option with the Speedcross, the XA pro 3d (and mid), and the Quest 4d.
    Also it would be nice with a “Wide” option for those models.
    A safety sole would also be nice.
    Lastly I would make a Goretex/no-Goretex option for the above models.

    • Morten Jensen says:

      An way of tucking away your laces on the Quest 4d would be awesome. Kind od like on the XA pro 3d.

  45. I’d like to see the Quests turn into a designated Mountain Boot. Something that can replace the Tora Bora or the La Sportiva Glacier. It wouldn’t take much, it’s a solid boot, but let’s get some Coyote Brown action going on, laces more in line with the Garmont T8 and crampon bits.

  46. Brendan Smith says:

    I think the laces are too long on the XA Pro Mid GTX. I know there’s a way to tuck them into the little pocket but when running or moving through weeds/bushes they can be pulled out. That means some pretty long (and strong) cord is flapping about. The lacing material can be shortened without sacrificing fit. Great footwear overall. I’m on my fourth pair over the last decade and have put MANY miles on them.

  47. SupermanInMyMind says:

    How about a carbon fiber shank – something to provide just a hint of spike protection and rigidity to the boot without adding significant weight and/or magnetic potential.

  48. CSM says:

    Instead of Black or Coyote/Tan 499 – I want to see a bright “tennis ball” yellow. The same exact color as the PT belt.

  49. Charlie says:

    Jungle boot.

  50. Aaron says:

    Ankle height boots, nothing else changed and they are perfect. Just need to not show sock when I move in uniform…. and look more like boots vs shoes.