Primer Projects – Precious Metals T-Shirt


Primer Projects has released their first non-crowdfunded product: the Precious Metals t-shirt. The ‘Brass Steel + Lead’ design is printed on a Heather Black poly/cotton/rayon tri-blend shirt.

Precious Metals

For the ammo addicts, these precious metals are worth more than gold.

Available in sizes SM-XL. Made in the USA.



14 Responses to “Primer Projects – Precious Metals T-Shirt”

  1. Joe says:

    Looks great. Need 2XL-3XL for big guys or to wear over armor.

    • Joe – This batch of shirts is my very first ever, and unfortunately, I could only secure limited sizes for this run (without having to do a pre-sale or kickstarter). Hopefully, this run does well, and I can expand to provide a better variety of sizes. Thanks for your input and support!

  2. Ronin says:

    What jacket is that?

  3. SShink says:

    That AR would be awful heavy if it wasn’t for aluminum.

    • Right!? However, the metals are actually suppose to represent ammo metals. Plus, from a design perspective, “aluminum” would have totally messed up the kerning haha. Thanks for the input and support!

      • SShink says:

        I see…in that case better get copper in there for all the guys who are sending solid copper downrange these days 🙂
        Well designed shirt.

  4. Thanks, Soldier Systems, for posting! I really appreciate the support.

  5. m5 says:

    Go Green, get M855A1

    Enhanced performance – No lead

  6. Jon Meyer says:

    I am digging that jacket. Is there a label for reference?

  7. Jon Meyer says:

    It looks similar to the 80’s CVC jacket.

  8. Utahgeoff says:

    Love the “fight crime” patch. I would buy a coyote one.

  9. NOLA says:

    Cool shirt, got mine today.

    Fits kind of euro style tight, REALLY nice “feeling” material, just too long to wear anywhere. Its going to be a wear to sleep shirt.