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Reaper Outdoors “Survive The Hunt” Announcement

A must see TV Series: Reaper Outdoors “Survive The Hunt”


Watch as Navy SEAL Master Chief Ron Bellan call sign (Reaper 01) takes his team Reaper Outdoors, on a true tactical / hunting / survival adventure. Reaper Outdoors has a commonsense approach of bringing the tactical world into the hunting world on the Sportsman Channel in the U.S. and Wild in Canada and Europe.

Reaper Outdoors has teamed up with some of the worlds best tactical, outdoors, and hunting companies: Axelson Tactical, Kill Cliff, Mil-TAC Knives and Tools, Beyond Clothing, Matbock, X-TAG (tactical Archery equipment), K-12 Survival solutions, Remington, PWS, and Hornady. Ron Bellan was a Navy SEAL Master Chief for over 25 years and stays true to the brotherhood. He knows he represents a SOF community and will do everything to represent in the right ways at all cost.

The Reaper Outdoors Team consists of more than just Ron. Doug Datish was an NFL football player and an avid outdoorsman along with Jon Bellan, Ron’s brother, a true woodsman and outdoorsman. All three make up a team of true patriots who support many military foundations such as, Special Operations Wounded Warrior (SOWW), SEAL Legacy Foundation and EOD Warrior Foundation. Staying true to the brotherhood and bringing awareness to these fine organizations. As Reaper 01 says, “We will never forget and we (Reaper Outdoors) will never take advantage of these organizations to get ahead. I would rather fail as a show but never fail the organizations we represent and support.”

You can watch this amazing high-powered show on the following networks:
Sportsman Channel: 7:00pm Eastern Time every Tuesday night
Wild TV: 8:30 Central Time every Tuesday night
Airing starts December 30, 2014 through July 5, 2015

About Sportsman Channel: The Sportsman Channel is available in 36+ million households. They air DirecTV (605), Dish (285), and many cable affiliates (check local listings). Learn more at www.thesportsmanchannel.com.

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3 Responses to “Reaper Outdoors “Survive The Hunt” Announcement”

  1. Colin says:

    Looks cool, hope I can get it on amazon or some such service.
    SSD is that the correct link?

  2. Black6ID says:

    Love this show!