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Donate Your Used Boots to the ANA Commandos

Although the war is over for the majority of Americans, it wages on for the Afghan National Army and their advisors.


Advisors we know have been telling us about the state of the Commandos’ footwear.

There was this one mission where we were going in at night to clear some checkpoints that the Taliban had raided. We were stacked tightly with our Afghan partners in a helicopter, late at night. It was probably only about 25 degrees or so. You could just barely make out the white capped mountain peaks as we skipped through the valleys. Snow and ice patches littered the LZ. I looked down to make sure that the laces on my cold weather boots were still tight, and that’s when I noticed that the two dudes in front of me had on plastic shoes and the guy next to him had taped the soles of his boots to his uppers. There were several other Afghan Soldiers with similar footwear. It didn’t matter how cold I got on that mission because I knew that those dudes were colder and probably tougher. Period.

The ANA Commandos are generally well equipped but their boots aren’t built to our standards and many of them are wearing footwear that is taped back together as well as running shoes, flip flops and even plastic shoes purchased at the market. This is making it difficult for them to make movements over rough terrain.

It’s tough to kick doors when you’re wearing flip flops. They need gently worn desert and mountain boots in sizes 7-10 to help get these guys back in the fight.

Tactical Tailor has agreed to accept the boots and transship them to their recipients in the ANA.

Tactical Tailor
ANA Boots
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49 Responses to “Donate Your Used Boots to the ANA Commandos”

  1. Alex says:

    This is ridiculous. They can’t even provide footwear for themselves. 10+ years there and absolutely nothing to show for but a pile of debt skyhigh.

    OIF/OEF Veteran

    • Chilblain says:

      So because of the broken political system, and messed up leaders throughout the military and political zones, Forget the soldiers? The guys who are actually out there regardless of how much US AID is coming in? Regardless of how backwards and corrupt their commanders may be, these guys are out there fighting for their own country. Whether or not they conform to your cultural beliefs and societal norms should be irrelevant man, soldier to soldier – help em out.

      • Toby says:

        I have personally witnessed these guys selling off their equipment and hardware. They have been given everything they NEED but they will take off and sell the very equipment we have given them. Nope, I wouldn’t give them used shoes, but good on those who want to help.

        • Tom says:

          Toby the Armorer??

          Some do, and some don’t. If you’ve seen these guys first hand, I assume you’ve probably seen a Pawn Shop near a large US installation. Nearly every one of them is full of TA-50 issued to some Joe, and sold usually for beer on a Friday night. Stop issuing sleep systems and boots to them too?

  2. Kris says:

    WOW Tactical Tailor never ceases to impress!!!

  3. Jbgleason says:

    Bravo on the effort. Now I wish the GOV would step up and pressure the AFG government (who is receiving Billions of our tax dollars) to quit stealing the money and use it to purchase their folks the proper equipment.

  4. bulldog76 says:

    my old boots wont find there way to the taliban ??? i just want to make 100% sure

  5. Gizmo says:

    I only have a pair of size 13s that I can’t wear.

  6. Bob says:

    These guys were a joke when I worked with them. They were just there to collect a pay check.

    • JB says:

      When and who exactly were you with when you “worked with them”?

      • diggler says:

        Gonna also call bullshit. A lot of good, dedicated and passionate dudes wanting a better future for their country served in the ANA and Commandos.

        • JB says:

          Exactly. There are much easier places in the ANSF to just “collect a pay check” than going to selection to serve in ANASOC.

          • Jimbo says:

            Well Bob, 1st SOK had a lot of dedicated patriots who were out there taking it to the Taliban. They trained, lived, and fought as a unit. We’re they perfect? No. But they were better than a lot of US units I saw. Every unit in the world has its share of bad apples, shitty leaders etc.. Just because our politicians gave up on us and have declared the war over, it isn’t. Our guys and these Commandos will still be out there blowing doors, clearing compounds and hill fighting for a long, long time. Help our dedicated partners and show that you care.

  7. Rwalk says:

    They and the rest of the population Have been doing it forever without boots, then we showed up and now they are a “requirement”. Agree with all comments above.

    • Tom says:

      Your comment is completely discredited by the initial article. It plainly says on an operation that there were Afghans wearing plastic shoes and taped up boots, so obviously it is NOT a requirement as your comment states…
      It is almost like you read the article, but I can’t believe you actually did.

      HAHHAHA and let me know what other time in the history of Afghanistan ‘the rest of the population’ has been flying around in helicopters and doing operations in the winter. Ever heard of the “Fighting Season”? Funny thing about it is, it coincides with the Seasons. As in less fighting when its cold.. BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE TO RUN AROUND IN THE SNOW IN SANDALS!!

      • Rwalk says:

        You obviously took my comment the wrong way, when I said “the rest of the population has been doing it for years.” I meant fighting and surviving, I did not mean riding in helicopters and clearing in sub 30 degree temps. Also, I agree with the mostly positive comments “above,” and hope these guys get some decent boots coming their way. It was like you read my short comment and made your own assumptions about what I meant so you could write a page long retort. In all honesty do you think these guys will continue to fight when we are completely gone? Have you ever worked with them? Probably not…we have been there for 13 years and they still have virtually no supply system to provide them the equipment they need because they are corrupt from the ground up.

  8. The internet is an amazing thing, it gives everyone a voice, though not everything that is voiced is worth being said. A hard lesson a good chaplain taught me a while back, was that I didn’t have to comment on the state of everything in my life, unit and world as it only spawned more negativity and took away from the task at hand. What we talk about, and in conjunction with, what we do, we become.

    I had the chance a few years ago to listen to one of my Ranger buddies give a talk to a bunch of industry geeks and engineers before he retired. Having known this guy when we were younger and had all the answers I didn’t typically listen much when he talked. Familiarity has that effect on us all. I’m glad that I listened on that evening.

    He said something to the effect of, “don’t gauge your contribution to the fight based upon your proximity to the battlefield.” He went on to encourage the designers and engineers to keep working on their ideas, because one of them might be the next break through. We don’t know how many valuable ideas and efforts failed because people took them to their grave afraid off what others might say or think.

    Quitters, for lack of a better term, like to take people with them when they leave. If you want to help, we welcome your effort and contributions. Don’t have a pair of boots? Then help spread the word or contribute some positive encouragement to those engaged in the effort. Don’t want to help or have reservations? That’s fine also, let your conscience be your guide. Do things in third world countries end up in the wrong hands? You’d be a fool if you believed otherwise. Just because things “might” go wrong doesn’t mean that you don’t try. None of us will go to our grave wishing we did less in this life and war. Our legacy will be in our actions, not our words.

    Remember it’s not the critic that counts.


    Bob T. Tailor

    • Dev says:

      Thank you.

    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:


      Yo, SSD, this deserves to be posted solo.

    • Bunker Boots says:

      Bob, your words are true and balanced.
      Nothing to argue against anything you said.
      I work with ANSF on a daily basis, and I know some good pair of boots will go a long way.
      I already gave mine two pairs of Blackhawks here, but I would really loe to see this campaign jump start.
      Please let me know if there is any other way to help your efforts.

  9. Mick says:

    I wonder how they feel about old black leather boots or black jungle boots?

    Technically not mountain or desert, but they are sturdy leather, and require no duct tape…


  10. Casey says:

    I worked with some great ANA. The government may be ate up but they have joes just like us who mean well and are there to work.

    • Bunker Boots says:

      Agreed and indeed.
      I gave away two of my Blackhawk Warrior Wear Foliage Green and Coyote Brown; they were wearing sneakers and it was just too painful to watch.

  11. Sadly everything I have would be 15 wide and I doubt many of them would be able to wear them. Use them as a boat perhaps but not a boot. Great cause TT, part of the reason I love you guys.

  12. CAs6 says:

    Perfect, I have two pair of old issue boots and a pair of new balance OTBs that I can’t wear anymore. They were just going to the local surplus store, now they are going to the ANA. They don’t have AR 670-1 restrictions against high speed boots, do they?

  13. orly? says:

    Old black leather steel toe Navy deck boots.

    Not tacticool, not exactly combat boots.


  14. eodbrady says:

    I would like to get my Squadron involved in this, but the majority, if not all, of the boots will be USAF Sage Green. GTG?

  15. DGM says:

    Just boots? No sock liners or boot socks? Paracord to replace the laces with?

  16. j c says:

    if the taliban doesnt need combat need boots. neither does the ANA

    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

      You didn’t read Bob’s comment above or do you just not care? ANA has some hard dudes who have sacrificed a lot. Yes, I believe they are a minority in the ANA, but regardles… either help or stfu.

  17. j c says:

    if the Tban doesnt need combat need boots. neither does the ANA

    • Tom says:

      You are a retard. hahahha Obviously they don’t need them, SEEING AS THEY’RE DOING IT WITHOUT THE BOOTS RIGHT NOW!!! But some generous and thoughtful Americans came up with a way to help these guys out. So wrap it up, B!

  18. John says:

    My “squirrel” comment had no place with the rest of the comments in this post.

  19. kris says:

    I’m local, I bring them by the factory?

  20. Jon Meyer says:

    I have at least 2 pairs of decent shape issued boots and a pair of 5.10 boots. I will try and ship them out Friday.