TYR Thursday – Huron Hand Warmer

The Huron Hand Warmer (HRN-HW001) does exactly what the name implies. It keeps your hands warm and dry when sitting in inclement weather so that your fingers will be nimble when needed.

It can be easily attached to a waist belt or worn via its integral, adjustable waist strap. It also includes a front zipper pocket for storing reusable disk activated hand warmers which is pretty handy in severe cold.

Huron Hand Warmer 2


-Exterior is Water Repellent Treat 2-Way Stretch Material
-Insulated with 6oz PrimaLoft
-Interior lined with comfy Polartec® Wind Pro which is Four Times More Wind Resistance than Traditional Fleece

Currently only available in MultiCam (more colors to come in 2015)


6 Responses to “TYR Thursday – Huron Hand Warmer”

  1. steave says:

    How bout TYR try and get their delivery times under control 120days is bullsh#t, worst customer service tell you 60days and after 60 days comes it blows out to 120.

    • Whitesands says:

      +1 I’ve ordered products 45 days from deployment. (45 days was the lead time given). Deployed…. Returned…. (6 months later)…. Still no products. All the while contacting them explaining the need and the urgency/situation. No dice, they always say they’ll try and expedite. Fair warning for all their lead times are also in buisness days, so your 60 day lead time is actually 3 months.

  2. sneakynerd says:

    Not sure how this functions differently than the Wild Thing Knuckle Roaster but how is it almost twice as much?

    • mike says:

      Muffs from 215 Gear, Eagle, FHF, TYR, etc are made from different materials and are suited to different environments. As such, the costs involved in making them will vary as will MSRP.

  3. D says:

    Some of the Tyr product has “Huron” in the name. What’s the Huron line all about?

    • mike says:

      I don’t know, but considering the trouble they’re having over their naming rights I’d love to see them transition to Huron.