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And the SHOT Show 2015 GLOCK Leak Award Goes To Kiesler Police Supply

Kiesler Police Supply released several marketing images of new GLOCK pistols on their Facebook page. We have known that GLOCK would be introducing Optic-Ready models so we believe these to be true.

Meet the GLOCK 34 MOS, 35 MOS and 41 MOS as well as the 10mm 40 MOS Hunter.




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44 Responses to “And the SHOT Show 2015 GLOCK Leak Award Goes To Kiesler Police Supply”

  1. mike says:

    Thus, I’ve become re-interested in Glock. That 41 MOS is making my pants tight.

    • Mark says:

      Oh no, don’t blame that on Glock. That is from overindulgence over the holidays 🙂

  2. PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

    About time. Hopefully something for the 17, 19, and 26 slide sizes is in the works.

  3. mark says:

    The G40 with a 9×25 Dillon barrel will be glorious.

  4. Mandingo says:

    C’mon with the single-stack 9/40!

    • CAP says:

      I dont get this obsession with a single stack Glock 9/40. Is it really that hard to conceal a G26 or 27?

      • Mandingo says:

        Give me a 19/23 silhouette with less width and I’ll give Glock more of my money, and shelve this Shield.

        • CAP says:

          So making the gun 4mm thinner makes it that much more concealable? And its worth the reduction in capacity?

          • Ju Con says:

            Based on his remarks, and those of others: yes!

            Would it be more palatable for you to think of it more as a longslide M&P Shield, as rendered by Glock? Or a polymerized rendition of the 1911?

          • Shawn says:

            According to the market, yes, there’s plenty of demand for a single stack, 9mm glock. They’ve already released the .380. No idea why they don’t change a few things and make it 9mm.

            • Rick says:

              Concealing a single stack 9mm is remarkably easier than a G26. Not everyone who carries a gun wears a 5.11 vest or excessive clothing in summer in order to conceal their firearm.

              I picked up a G42 for just this reason. I have a need to conceal a weapon in environments where an untucked shirt or baggy clothing would stick out. The 380 is a big compromise, but it is infinitely easier to shoot than a 38 revolver like a 642 and conceals even easier.

              Until glock comes out with a 9mm single stack I will continue to make do with the 42. I shot a 9mm shield for a bit but it did not shoot as well as the 42 accuracy wise for me.


              • Mandingo says:

                A portion of this thread exemplifies the “I can’t put my head around what you are saying you need (or have brought to market), so I sit here and nay say.” mentality.

                I bought a Shield because I was tired of waiting for Glock to do what we all know they will eventually do. But damn, they are taking their sweet time. And customers are committing to the Shield instead of waiting. Some won’t come back.

                And they will not be squeezing 9 into the G42 frame, it can’t handle it. I’m banking it will be more towards the G19 silhouette and prepared to handle both 9 and .40.

                Before this drifts too far… I was just saying what I hope the next “Leak” is.

                • Chris says:

                  Agreed – I carry a Glock 23 Inside the Waistband when I wear an untucked shirt. No problem very easy and I like having that firepower with me. But most of the time when working I wear a tucked in shirt and with the 23 it was a challenge. I bought a Glock 42 and Tuckable IWB holster just for those times. I was debating the Shield but I wanted the same “feel” I have with a Glock. Still thinking a Shield may be in the cards in the future.

                  On another note these new MOS’s are nice looking firearms. Not sure if I need one, but damn I want one.

              • CAP says:

                If you need a 5.11 vest to conceal a G26, you really aren’t trying hard enough….

                • Rick says:

                  Its this new sarcasm thing.

                  When it gets warm outside its incredibly easy to spot anyone who is carrying a firearm who is in decent shape. Appendix carry comes in handy concealment wise, but a double stack causes an identifiable bulge. Anyone who thinks they don’t print carrying at 3-9 in a T-shirt at the grocery store is lying to themselves. A slim single stack helps prevent this. Im going out on a limb here in saying that most people would prefer the 9mm over the 380 but the options aren’t great, but have been improving as of late. A single stack 9mm Glock in 26 or 19 size would be a welcome addition.

          • Old_School_S&W says:

            Apparently so, s&w made the shield for some odd reason. Shield is a little thinner than the m&p 9c and a little shorter but it’s a tad taller and has a larger, oddly shaped grip compared to the 9c. I don’t know what s&w was thinking with making the shield.

            From what I hear the single stack glock will be introduced in 2016. I’d choose a glock any day over S&W’s current offerings.

      • Will Ganz says:

        Yes. Go get a set of scrubs and try it.

        • lumpy brown says:

          Hey Will, I currently carry a sig 938 on work days. Scrubs as you probably know w/drawstring cant handle a lot of weight The 938 only weighs abouit 17 oz fully loaded(8rds) I also love the sheild9 (25 0zs,9 rds) for this purpose but have to wear it exactly at 3 oclock to support the weight in a galco holster. WILL.. What do you carry on Scrubs days? and NO people. I dont carry on the clock while taking care of patients. i just wanted to make that clear before i catch flak!!!!

    • phonograf says:

      You will probably get your wish eventually. The 42 is the first Glock fully manufactured in the USA; it is also the first model offered by Glock that would be illegal to import under the Gun Control Act of 1968. A single stack 9mm/40cal would also not qualify as an import under the point system found in GCA 1968. It will have to be USA made. Give Glock time to ramp up production in Smyrna, you should eventually see a variety of pistols coming out of there that they cannot import legally.

  5. Alex says:

    I NEED THAT G40!!!

  6. Mike D says:

    Wasn’t it just a few days ago that I said Glock needed to come out with some optics ready platforms? Glad they were listening, but I had no idea that it would happen so soon!

  7. pogie bait says:

    Why not release optics ready pistols with suppressor-height sights?

    • Gear Guy says:

      Sights are one of the easiest things to change because not everyone likes the same ones/styles. I run a tritium front and black rear on my G17 with RMR and have the option to go to all black sights if I need/want to.

    • HuskyKMA says:

      Glock purposely puts the cheapest sights possible on their guns, so that you can spend the money saved on the sights you actually want.

      • Frank says:

        Very true! Also, despite the fact that many of us love changing sights and messing with things, the sights that Glock puts on there are not quite as crappy as many people like to say. True, they don’t work well as a charging handle, but that’s not why they are on there. Many people are using Glocks that have been around for a long, long time and still have the original sights on them.

        • Garry McPeak says:

          Sorry but I don’t know Anyone who carries everyday who uses the original sights on their Grock. None. And if you are serious about surgical shooting and manipulation you wouldn’t either.

          • Jason says:

            You must not know many people who carry. I know a lot of people who carry with the factory sights. I also know of a number of local police departments that issue the factory sights…..

    • Frank says:

      A lot of people will buy this and maybe never even put an optic on the slide, especially if it is not also offered in a version that has not been cut out for one.

    • The Rifleman Next Door says:

      because it violates the SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL original trademark of mounting RMR and / or Docter reflex sights WITH suppressor sights on Glock, M&P and even Sig slides.

      These guys are stealing somebody else’s good idea.

      • Stan says:

        “Trademark”? Suarez makes knock-off Glock slides. Ironic to say they are being copied.

  8. ChuckDeuce says:

    Oh dear god. I see a 460 rowland conversion for that G40 making about as happy as a pig in mud. ????????????

  9. The Rifleman Next Door says:

    These pistols are not an original idea….

    Suarez International has been selling RMR-mounted Glock pistols WITH SUPPRESSOR-HEIGHT SIGHTS for over three years now. I saw a dude hit steel at 300 yards with one (I believe it was a Glock 17).

    My personal best was hitting a 4-foot gong atop a hill at 230 yards with my Glock 22 that I had modified at TSD (Suarez Internaional’s technical services div.)

    Fuck these copycats….go with the original Suarez International slide modification package.

    • Stan says:

      Mrs. Suarez, Glock probably loses more guns in a month than your son converts in a year… did they say they were original?

  10. Scarecrow says:

    Wtf!!! Bigger guns when we ask for a single stack 9. What kind of crap is this?! Glock disappoints again. More money for Springfield and Smith & Wesson. Im done waiting.
    Glock just lost more customers. Im starting to wonder if Glock is becoming anti ccw. Or is it they want to do the opposite of what customers want. I am extremely disappointed.

    • Stan says:

      LOL. I think MAYBE Glock has a track record of doing alright on sales. Did you consider that MAYBE Glock has been hearing from competitors, SRT buyers, etc., that they want optics-ready tactical length guns that can be imported?

      You do realize that a single stack Glock 9mm would not be importable, and would require space in the US Glock factory they do not currently have, while these guns can be easily imported from Austria where they have excess capacity?

      (The S&W is made in the US and does not need to score import points. The Springfield compact squeaks in due to the points it gets from its grip safety.)

  11. Phil says:

    The single stack is desirable not because a 19 or 26 can’t be concealed….I want one because my hands are smaller….I love glock…have 2 19s but really want a single stack 9 prefer compact size and a .45 compact size single stack…..

  12. Joe says:

    Finally!!! Mall Ninjas rejoice everywhere! A Glock Fotay!!

  13. Mate says:

    Has nobody noticed this guy? I know Kahr isn’t Glock, but working in a range for a few years I’ve noticed them to be solid performers.

    And street price is less than $350. It’s worth a shot.

  14. Chris says:

    No one has mentioned Ruger… They’re made in the USA and are very concealable. The SR40C that I carry is a seriously solid performer and is super easy to conceal. Just an opinion on another carry option.

  15. The Butcher says:

    Want a better single-stack Glock? Buy a Ruger LC9s Pro. Light trigger w/Glock-like trigger safety, no mag safety, no thumb safety and is American-made. Or if you want a really close to Glock design and a goodd warranty get a Taurus 709 Slim. Great design but has a thumb safety. The Shield is ok but for a few mm wider, get a Taurus PT111 G2 or PT140 G2 and have almost 2x the capacity.

    • DrunkenGrinderMonkey says:

      Taurus pistols are pure junk.

      The Ruger is intriguing without the thumb safety.