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New Belt and Harness Systems from CTOMS

CTOMS had a lot to show me during last month’s SOMSA conference. In addition to the Temba Pack, Pulley, and SlimmerLine IFAK they also showed us their line of Belt and Harness Systems.

M2/G2 Systems

-The desire was to build a lighter and more versatile belt and harness system than the current large buckle and large webbing.
-They started with AustriAlpin designing a 1” buckle where the release tabs were flush with the frame for added safety. CTOMS also switched to their new ‘Pro’ design which claims a redesign with a lower likelihood of inadvertently only securing one side.


-CTOMS belts start with what they call the Chassis.
-This is an adjustable one-size-fits-most carrier for two belt options.
-The chassis fits into most trouser belt loops.
-Hypalon belt loops retain the inner belt.





M2 Inner Belt:

-This is a similar design to their old M-Harness belt with a non-adjustable quick release in the center and a ladder lock adjuster slightly offset. This allows conversion into their patented M2-Harness system.

M2 Leg Loops (seen above):

-These are an improvement to the original design.
-Integrated leg loop padding.
-Lighter 1” webbing.
-Field replaceable shock cord for rear leg loop support straps.

G2 Inner Belt:

-This is simply 1” tubular nylon with end user’s choice of dual adjust ITW SR buckle, or a dual adjust Cobra Buckle. Also available is their dual adjust, but not quick release, Belay Loop Assembly.
-The Belay Loop Assembly can be worn just like a non-quick release riggers belt, but instead of a metal V-ring, it has a soft bely loop clip in point. That belay loop can be slowed in its belay loop keeper to prevent inadvertent snags.


G2 Leg Loops (seen above):

-Shares most design features of the M2 System, but compatible with the CTOMS Belay Loop Assembly.
-This turns your G2 Belt into a traditional style climber’s harness with a belay loop.

T2 Harness:

-2nd generation Turtle Harness
-More comfortable and less likely to stress the stitching on the plate carrier.
-Similar configuration to the M2 System for ease of donning and doffing.
-Integrates into any PALS based plate carrier without interfering or crushing contents of pouches – goes under pouches but over armor.
-Connects to the M2 or G2 Harnesses via the Leg Loops.
-Rapidly adjusts for comfort depending on if the user is walking, in the aircraft or about to go on the hoist.
-Full Class 3 with new over the shoulder straps.



2 Responses to “New Belt and Harness Systems from CTOMS”

  1. Lt M says:

    Will the TAC-C Gear Loop work with the M2 Belt or will there be a new Gen 2 model?

  2. Chris K says:

    TAC-C Gear Loop System is compatible with the new Chassis.