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Cult of Costa – Japan Synod

International Tactical Training Star Chris Costa preaches to masses during his recent trip to Japan’s Peace Combat Fes 2015. There’s a lot going on here. Enjoy!

“Cos-Tah! Cos-Tah!”


34 Responses to “Cult of Costa – Japan Synod”

  1. Patrick says:

    Was this before or after his runway display.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m not familiar with Costa’s background outside of the Coast Guard, but he makes a statement that he started taking teaching seriously when he began going oversea’s to “operate” with those he trained. Anyone have any Intel on this? Ishe a legit BTDT?

    • Patrick says:

      About Costa
      Prior to Costa Ludus, Chris Costa spent 4 years as the President of Magpul Dynamics. Before founding Magpul Dynamics, Costa spent 7 years in the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. (AMTI) on assignment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Risk Management Division (RMD). At AMTI, Costa specialized in teaching Police Tactical Assault Operations for both Maritime and Critical Infrastructure take-back. Costa also provided Red Team Vulnerability Assessments on critical infrastructures for the US Government.

      Prior to this, Costa spent 12 years with the United States Coast Guard, conducting counter-drug operations and special missions in Europe, the Middle East, and South America with such units as: the International Training Division (ITD), Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, Plank-Owner of Port Security Unit 302, and the Taclet Law Enforcement Team North.

  3. Taylor says:

    The recoil impulse of those airsoft guns has got to be radical. *Sigh* It’s kinda sad how hyped up these guys are about the whole thing in general…

    • Ezekial says:

      It is incredibly difficult to own a firearm in Japan and impossible to get a real AR-15, so for them, this is the closest thing. Airsoft is ridiculously big in Japan.
      Check out the guy with the “super interesting” pelican case at 5:28

    • Mobious says:

      The gas powered ones have good feel but no, nothing spectacular, especially now in winter with them hardly working as the gas cools down too much….

      But surely you’d be hyped up too if real weapons weren’t available and replicas/milsim are the next best and closest thing…. Then that super star Costa who is all tacticool in those Magpul Dynamics videos personally shows up? He’s the real deal!! And i’m personally in Japan, and i actually tried planning to attend this conference but the cost of travel and staying in Tokyo, along with getting a ticket quick enough held me back 😛

  4. bulldog76 says:

    well never really thought of airsoft in that kinda view befor …..

  5. justacivie says:

    My god I am shocked.

  6. Thomper says:

    I have it on good authority Bill Murray is slated to play CC in “Costa in Translation”

  7. Jeremy says:

    It’s the Costa doing business.

  8. Gavin D says:

    More power to him. I wish him all the success in the world. The same way I would for Howe, Lamb, Haley, McNamara, Defoor or any of the other giants in the industry.

  9. Scubasteve says:

    Biggest question this raises is how tall is Chris Costa? He looks tiny compared to the translator. Some reason it all makes sense now.

  10. Rocky Creek says:

    From my perspective as a training destination operator, this event with its obvious strong appeal to the Japanese is only helpful to the market for international “tourism training”. The Japanese and Eupoeans are starving for what we tend to take for granted here as US citizens to own dam near any weapon we want and to legally receive high level training and skill develpment to go along with them. I’m not sure how a tactical carbine class of all Japanese tourist students would run or even one populated with a handful them with the language barrier that might be a safety concern. ITAR notwithstanding, I’d welcome foreigners to my location that have airsoft training but want the real deal with rental equipment.

  11. BrettW says:

    I wonder if he know what ITAR is…. He’s coming really close to teaching tactics…

    • Phil says:

      I’m not sure you know what it is…

    • Chris says:

      Well in that case… we need to put ITAR notes on all the youtube videos…

      • BrettW says:

        I’m fairly certain I know exactly what it is, its kind of what I do for work. @Chris, actuality yes, some videos do require export licenses.

        • BrettW says:

          Furthermore, he is there in person showing and demonstrating certain things that can be considered training. He is not being shown on a video, he is there in person doing it.

          • Joe says:

            ITAR’s restriction is on military training to foreign defense forces. I don’t think teaching Japanese airsofters how to look cool while shooting each other with bb’s quite meets that description.

            • joe_momma says:

              I’d be more concerned with the recent silent profession sqt training that just went down over there than a costa class. They did breaching, entry, repelling, and more military/tactical inspired vs just weapon manipulation. That’s if I was concerned for itar

  12. Strike-Hold says:


    Just because. 😉

    A guy’s gotta make a living…

  13. John Smith says:

    …once again, when everyone here is 60 and drinking way to much beer at the VFW, begging for people to listen to stories of how much of a bad ass we were- Costa will be comfortable on his Wyoming ranch…counting cash.

    Keep laughing.


    • Denis Cordova says:

      When I’m 60, my self esteem will still be secure enough to not beg anyone for anything. It’s highly likely I’ll still be laughing.

      Please post a picture of your Costa tramp stamp in case I stop laughing.

      There’s no such thing as too much beer.


      • John Smith says:

        You have a point….about the beer.

        Tramp stamp: I haven’t heard anyone use that term in a while, thanks.

        Good for you and your self esteem. My point (through the sarcasm) is that the guy is apparently killing it and will ,long term, be better off than most of us for it…pride notwithstanding.

        I can’t recall how much dumb shit that I have had to do over these 20 years that if videoed- would be far less entertaining and a bit depressing considering what he is being paid and what I was.

        I can’t figure out how to post pictures…


  14. AJ says:

    Cosplay Costa …..

  15. AJ says:

    Cosplay Costa

  16. MS says:

    I think people need to pump the brakes and understand the context of the trip and the impetus behind why Chris is in Japan. The uninformed, true to form, always make uninformed comments and satirical remarks. It’s human nature to put down what we don’t understand or agree with. It’s a sign of conceptual dysplasia. Rather than comment on the character of the individual while hiding behind the keyboard, post your email and phone number, and allow the person for which you criticize address your issue in person. I certainly respect any individual who spends time away from their family and friends to represent and discuss the freedoms that you and I covet to own firearms.

  17. Jason says:

    I love these comments! I love them almost as much as the walkway video.

    The whole thing is silly as hell for a westerner, but Japan is another country, it has a different culture.

    Another thing to consider is how common this phenomenon actually is. If you look closer to home, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of ridiculous shit, you just don’t see it and don’t look for it.

    In the end, this doesn’t take nor add to Costa’s value as an instructor. It does give him more cash and gives those people entertainment, personally I see no issue with either of those things.

  18. Henrik says:

    The commies won’t let you even own airsoft weapons.

    It will happen during your life time. Enjoy your guns while you can.