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Magpul Adds New AK Accessories for 2015

You asked, Magpul listened.

PMAG30 AK/AKM GEN M3 -7.62×39 Steel Reinforced AK Magazine, MSRP $26.95

Zhukov-S Folding AK stock- Right side folder for stamped rifles, adjustable LOP, optional cheek risers, integrated QD socket on hinge. Allows use of side mounted optics, allows firing from folded position (without cheek risers). Wedge block interface allows easy fitment and requires no adapters. MSRP $99.95


Zhukov Hand Guard-Extruded and Machined anodized aluminum chassis with Polymer hand guard. M-LOK slots-side slots attach through to aluminum chassis. Ultimak compatible. Requires removal of Hand Guard retainer. Includes upper hand guard/gas tube cover. Fits stamped and milled rifles with 16.75-18.25mm barrels (Measured behind HG retainer) MSRP $99.95

MOE Stock-Fixed triangle stock for stamped rifles. Compatible with Magpul AK cheek risers. Includes storage compartment. Wedge block interface allows easy fitment and requires no adapters. MSRP $59.95

MOE AK Hand Guards- Both MOE Hand Guards install with stock hand guard retainer, extend further forward than stock hand guard, and include a blackened stainless steel heat shield. M-LOK slots. Ultimak compatible. Include upper hand guard/gas tube cover.

MOE AK- Fits AK-pattern rifles with no sling loop on hand guard retainer or rifles with loop removed. Symmetrical design extends forward of retainer on both sides. MSRP $36.95

MOE AKM- Fits AKM, AK-74, and AK 100 pattern rifles with sling loop on hand guard retainer. Allows use of sling loop or can be bridged with any M-LOK cantilever rail product. Asymmetric design requires no modification to rifle. MSRP $36.95

All AK furniture products will also be available in our new color-Plum.
All products shipping Spring 2015. More information and photos coming soon. These products will be at ATAC range day on Monday prior to SHOT show.

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9 Responses to “Magpul Adds New AK Accessories for 2015”

  1. tackleberry says:

    Good to see.

  2. Specialist Heintz says:

    Magpul, I think I love you.

  3. jiankite says:

    Seriously, good to see the magazines are reinforced. Now the clock begins on the 5.45…

    And maybe some Vepr furniture I won’t need to file down.

  4. Craig says:

    Makes me want to go get an AK.

  5. Will says:

    I hope these will be compatible with the Zastava / Yugo rear trunnions!!!

  6. Thomas says:

    Don’t forget us machined receiver AK owners! I really like that folder but you say it’s for stamped receivers only.

  7. Texas-Roll-Over says:


  8. CAP says:

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you Magpul.

  9. David says:

    These are awesome, there are new designs from IWI the Galil Ace please fix the horrendous stock and hand guard….:+)