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SHOT Show – Ops-Core

This is the new Lux Liner for the FAST Base Jump and Carbon. It’s a drop in replacement for the legacy liner and replicates what has already been transitioned into the Maritime andBallistic FAST helmets.


Meets ACH spec for impact, offering greater comfort and stability. Additionally, the removable pads don’t get hard in the cold!

The biggest question I get about Ops-Core is when the RAC headset is coming. How’s this for you? 2nd Quarter, 2015. It works and ready to go.


First off, it’s now just called RAC and no longer RACS. It’s still your best bet for true 3D hearing relying on binaural audio. Additionally, you can change the noise-canceling boom mic from side to side. Finally, the gimbal attachments allow for custom ear seal on almost every head shape. Below, you can show it in stored mode.


Finally, Ops-Core showed me a new low profile mount by TangoDown for the SureFire helmet light. It holds the light much closer to the rail than other versions.



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6 Responses to “SHOT Show – Ops-Core”

  1. Terry B says:


    Does the TangoDown Surefire mount rotate at all or is it one position only?


  2. Angry Misha says:

    Sooooo is that 2nd Quarter FY15 as in by the end of this March or 2nd Quater Calender Year 2015 being by the end of June?

  3. Higgins says:

    Ear to ear cable seems a bit long….could be a snag hazzard, otherwise looks righteous

    • SSD says:

      It wasn’t completely configured on that helmet because it’s a trade show and people were messing with it all day, removing and reattaching the system. They’ve incorporated a new cable management system that will keep it out of your way when needed.