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SHOT Show – Marz Tactical Gear

This is Marz Tactical Gear’s Universal Breaching Tool Quiver. It’s a straight forward design that is adjustable for a wide variety of Halligan tools on the market thanks to the Velcro straps and removable PVC sleeve.


Additionally, the adjustable shoulder strap is lined with non-slip material to keep it in place.


5 Responses to “SHOT Show – Marz Tactical Gear”

  1. Chris says:

    Any idea if this sling will work with standard halligan/hooligans?

    • SSD says:

      Yes, it’s a universal design. If I said it fit every tool, someone would show up with some mongaso version that wouldn’t fit.

      • D says:

        You say that, but the pot-metal Blackhawk hoolies have really wide forks, among other flaws.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    We used to just put slings on unit tools so anyone could pick up and carry them, if you had an individual one we would use the AWS sleeves. If this can lose the sling and simply attach to armor it has far more potential. As a Marz dealer this will definitely be added, but there is still far more potential in it.

    Jon, OPT

    • D says:

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with $2 worth of tubular webbing and 100 mph tape for a breaching tool sling.