SHOT Show – Magpul’s New 700 Short Action Magwell

In addition to the new stock for the Remington 700 short action, Magpul also introduced a box magazine retrofit kit that fits their stock as well as OEM stocks.


It’s a simple swap. You remove the factory bottom metal insert and replace it with this kit. Designed to work with AICS pattern, short action magazines. This kit also includes the new Magpul PMAG 5 AC which just happens to be Magpul’s new polymer, Accuracy International pattern mag.


2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Magpul’s New 700 Short Action Magwell”

  1. Lt. Dan says:

    Will it work the other way around? Meaning can you take Badger bottom metal and put in in the Magpul hunter stock?

  2. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    I was wondering that too. I have a B&C stock and have been having trouble with the Remmy bottom metal.

    I’m going to buy this and try it out.