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SHOT Show – Yeti Tank


Down in the bowls of the basement at SHOT Show are some of the coolest products on the show floor. On the third day, I ran across a very packed Yeti booth. So packed, that I couldn’t get a photo of anything. These coolers are popular! They’ve got several new items coming but I thought the readers of SSD might appreciate the Tank.


Offered in 45 and 85 sizes, the Ice Blue is currently in stock with white and Desert Tan coming in April. The larger 85 model will accommodate up to 60 longnecks, 96 cans, 1 keg, 51 blue crabs, 24 mullet & menhaden, 98 slices of watermelon, 20 gallons of trash can punch, or 2 bushels of oysters. Yeti also offers insulated lids for transport, storage, keeping everything cooler longer or as a place to plop down around a campfire.


4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Yeti Tank”

  1. forrest says:

    Looks like the bottom half of an organ transplant mushroom (the cooler your new liver will be shipped in.) Would love to have one!

  2. PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

    Will Steve Fisher endorse this? I think we all can agree the “Steve Fisher” edition should be in development…

  3. Bill says:

    Huh, I’ve seen organs transported in Coleman coolers, and would have to sell an organ to afford any of their products. I’d love to, because if I counted up all the coolers I’ve destroyed, or that didn’t actually work, I’d probably have enough money.

  4. BrettW says:

    I can see a few of these on the Bada Bing during SOFIC this year….