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Wild Things Outfits ADS Army Team In New Jackets


During last week’s new product training at Academi, the ADS Inc Army team showed up wearing some spiffy new jackets. This is the same style that is worn by members of the FBI. These things are really nice.


The Softshell SO 1.0 is Made in America from bonded fleece Tweave fabric. It can be produced in a wide variety of colors including MultiCam and there are also embroidery options available.

Unit and agency orders can be processed by ADS Inc.

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5 Responses to “Wild Things Outfits ADS Army Team In New Jackets”

  1. Dev says:

    Huge WT fan, however will they be offering more fabric options like they used to for their “Make it Wild” customisations again?

  2. mike says:

    Great-looking jacket; ADS gets the coolest swag.

  3. Giovani says:

    I got my team at LM the Insulight jackets-they’re almost three years old now and they still rock. It’s great to see them still being worn day in and day out. Worth every penny and Wild Things helped make it happen.

  4. Craig says:

    Was lucky enough to be issued levels 3,4,5,6 and 7. Absolutely LOVED them,so bribed supply to hook me up with my OWN,same levels as above (cost 2 cases of Fosters beer) and still love them as much and wear them often.

    The PCU/MCU, and the ( And the regular issue Gen III stuff now) was one of the best things ever contrived. Still have most of the original “Alpha Green” Patagonia stuff.

    Wild Things Tactical rocks!

  5. Brad Smith says:

    The Softshell SO 1.0 is an amazing product! A special thanks to Grady Burrell and Ed Schmultz at Wild Things for supporting our team training event. I also want to thank Mike Turner from ESS, John Vitale from Cocoon, Jeff Norment from TEA Headsets, Mark Dean from Rocky Boot, Kevin Hughes from LBT, Dennis Cunningham from Leupold Tactical Optics, Steve, Erin and Bobby from Sig Sauer, and Jason Mayfield from PTS. This venue would not have been a success without our preferred partner’s presence and support! Our team training culminated with a force on force exercise. This was a super team building event. It allowed us to wear and use many of preferred partner’s products in a simulated, urban combat environment. This helped all Army team members better understand how our customers utilize the products we sell and how they train and fight. Our Purpose. Your Mission!