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Winkler Knives Tribal and Sculpted Handles


You can get your Winkler Knives with Tribal or Sculpted handles. Pictured above is the Winkler Knives II Belt Knife with Maple Handles. Sculpting adds $15.00 to the base cost of knives and $25.00 to axes. Tribal Decoration adds $35.00 to knives and $75.00 to axes. As pictured the WK II Belt Knife with Sculpted Handle and Caswell Finish is $365.00 and WK II Belt Knife with Tribal Decoration is $385.00.


8 Responses to “Winkler Knives Tribal and Sculpted Handles”

  1. defensor fortismo says:

    the design kind of reminds me of the coye Ridgeback and forerunner, but the handle is gorgeous. Chalk this one up to my ever expanding wish list

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, That ABS Master Bladesmith guy Winkler must have copied Coye.

      • defensor fortismo says:

        You’re putting words in my mouth . I was observing a passing resemblance in design and utility while admiring the craftsmanship and personal touch Winkler brought to the table.

  2. Desert Lizard says:

    Both of those are beautiful. They’d look great framed on the wall.

  3. DI says:

    Met Mr. Winkler at last SHOT show. I’ve been a fan of his work ever since Last of the Mohicans. He is a true gentleman and was very nice to take time to show his knives and tomahawks as well as explain his designs.

  4. Danke says:

    Kinda bummed that I just got a belt knife prior to this. Must resist urges to self sculpt.

    For anyone on the fence they’re totally worth it. It’s an amazing antidote to the super tactical knives that populate the landscape.

    The hot metal/burnt oil smell has just about worn off mine now.

  5. Luke says:

    I’m pretty impressed how little that adds to the cost, by the time your spending that much $15-$35 is a no brainer

  6. a few things on first hand knowledge. 1. Mr Winkler is not only a patriot but also has a great heart. 2. He is a man of his word which is a lost art. 3. He makes and created tools of the future. Mr Winkler donated and became a sponsor of #team5foundation just after SHOT. T5 is a non profit SOFMED foundation bringing western medicine to indigenous overlooked areas of the globe. We came to him for tools that are solid. I am writing from San Salvador as I head back to USA from a deployment from Beize to Guatemala through El Salvador. These are solid pierces of art. We have the machete, axe tomahawk and knife and it cuts through butter and stands up to the durance test for sure. Thank you Mr Winkler and look forward to more pictures coming your way.