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Platatac – MAC ALICE Pack

The MAC ALICE Pack is the latest addition to the Platatac pack family. Designed with end user feedback, trialled and adjusted over the last 12 months. Offered currently in Ranger Green.


-10 external pockets
-Top and bottom zip pockets
-5 mesh internal zip pockets
-109L- 6657 cubic inches
-Internal compartment divider
-Elasticised lid
-2x interal radio cradles/misc storage
-2.96 kgs
-ITW nexus hardware
-YKK Zips



32 Responses to “Platatac – MAC ALICE Pack”

  1. TominVA says:

    ALICE’s day is gone. With as many amazing (albeit expensive) systems on the market designed to carry heavier loads with better weight transfer to the hips – and wearable with body armor too – why does anyone invest in ALICE?

    • Sean says:

      Its still popular in Australia, as we are still issued belt rigs similar to those used in Vietnam. Until very recently, only those deployed overseas were issued modern molle-type pouches. We also have rules stating that only issued, non-modified pouches are to be used for the carriage of ammunition, pyrotechnics or explosive ordnance. Consequently, most soldiers in Australia are stuck with old-fashioned load carriage gear, so plenty of people love ALICE and 1606 frames.

      • Terry B. says:

        The ALICE pack itself was never a problem. It was the frame and suspension. Mated with a modern frame system like the 1606 the ALICE pack can still stand its own against newer military-centric packs.


    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

      If they made it then someone wanted it… it may not float your boat (or mine) but someone out there wanted it and is satisfied with it.

    • Dev says:

      I’m 159cm tall, and although my preferred suspension and pack platform is the NICE frame from Mystery Ranch (huge fan of their products), there is nothing better than a 1606 frame and ALICE-style pack if you’re carrying considerable amounts of gear, having to wear a plate carrier and belt rig all at once.

      There aren’t many packs out there that suit my short height.

    • balais says:

      Because many other companies producing rucksacks aren’t smart enough to make them short enough to wear their product with a MOLLE belt, which is preferred in many instances over chest rigs.

      This is one of the main reasons why ALICE packs are still a sought after item.

  2. PLiner says:

    Giant pockets of pain that you paid for. This is a throw back to the 90’s when everyone was paying to have their ALICE modified like this. It didn’t take many long to figure out that self inflicted pain that you also paid for wasn’t as good of an idea as they initially thought.

  3. PLATATAC says:

    Come down to Australia and you will see why ALICE packs are still king.

    The range of equipment that is carried on top of personal kit constantly changes, that is why soldiers still opt for ALICE packs with extra space, with an additional 1-3 day pack such as our issued Medium Assault Pack to be used for smaller missions/exercises.

    Not for every job type but they generally work best for Australian infantry who spend weeks in the bush/jungle (dismounted).

    • SSD says:

      Americans don’t patrol like that anymore.

      • PLATATAC says:

        Understandably why ALICE packs aren’t as popular state side.

        • Eddie says:

          Aren’t as popular? We can’t get Zombie preppers and outdoor fanatics to shut up about them.

      • Terry B. says:


        Agreed. But there is no guarantee that will always be the case in the future. Jungles and much of mountainous places like Korea and Afghanistan for that matter were not conducive to mounted patrolling.


        • Terry B. says:

          Understand my comment above wasn’t about ALICE specifically. I’m just saying that we still need equipment that works for extended dismounted patrolling without vehicle support – not just optimized for mounted operations.


        • SSD says:

          Just because we’ve lost a lot of skills, doesn’t mean our men won’t need them again in the future.

          • Terry B. says:

            SSD, exactly!

            A lot of skills that weren’t as relevant for desert combat have atrophied and are now being relearned.

            Ranger School and the new Jungle Warfare Course will help reblue tactical patrolling skills in fairly short order.

            More complex operations like Amphibious Assaults for the Marines and mass tactical Airborne Operations like Airfield Seizures will take more work.

            Those missions don’t just involve relearning individual and small unit tactical skills but require vigorous exercising of Joint staff planning skills, Command and Control and coordination muscles.

            We’ve lost a lot on institutional memory. Luckily we aren’t having to relearn all of these things under fire and paying in blood right now.


  4. Roy says:

    Lots of old guys like me tramping around the world as contractors who like using the gear from the 80s.

    I don’t road march but I do live put of my ruck.

  5. Doc Steel says:

    I like using the Alice because it’s jumpable

  6. Craig P says:

    Australians are obsessed with ALICE packs – but then again not many have been educated on what else is out there. I used to have an ALICE and used it for multiple exercises and also on an op in 06. It was all good until I deployed to the Stan and found that the ALICE was so uncomfortable and didn’t sit well with the body armour. I noticed our Dutch partners sporting Berghaus Bergens these types of packs kick ass with better weight distribution and no metal frame.

    • Dev says:

      I disagree. I’m no expert but I have a small obsession with load carrying equipment, with the likes of Blue Force Gear 3 days, the original Lightfighter and Lightfighter 2, some Battlelab 3 days, a Kifaru Xray, the Crossfire DG6 (which uses the, in my opinion absolutely horrible 1603 full frame plastic frame), 2 generations of the absolutely horrible issued Australian Army packs, the not so horrible Land 125 pack, some Mystery Ranch packs with the NICE frame in AOR and a few other bits and pieces there, amongst my collection of packs. Odd ones like the Gregory UM21, the Arc’teryx-designed USMC pack and a few others but have never really rucked with those before, just odd pieces in my collection.

      Yet with all these I still go back to my preferred ruck, a 1606 framed ALICE -style pack for my rucking needs, in this case from Platatac.

  7. Justin says:

    Any body have try to put this pack on a mystery ranch frame ? Just asking the pack Look really good, alice frame are good yes but saddly one size fit all and i wear them a lot at the begenning of my. career and it’s too short for me autralian do love there alice but like canadian and i’m sure other contry they are not really aware of all the other option out there.

    • PLATATAC says:

      Hello Justin,

      A couple of folks have done such a thing and it seems to be ok. I believe it only needs a few minor tweaks to make it work.


      Team Plat

  8. Dev says:

    Have the Auscam version with 9 stitched pockets with some PALS grids (tools entrenching pouch attachment area) of this ruck. The strap for securing of the radio pouch ripped off at the stitching area where the neck is at when the pack is mounted. Managed to find a local canvas and tarp guru to stitch it back with a bit more reinforcement. Otherwise a solid pack and would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent pack with huge load carrying capacity.

    • PLATATAC says:

      G’day Dev,

      Mate, if you have any issues with our products in the future please hit us up.

      We will fix the issue for you and also allows us to track any issues that may arise with the product.

      Stay Safe

    • PLATATAC says:

      Hello Dev, may i ask what part you are talking about ? We back up our products completely when it comes down to materials. Are you speaking of the radio cradle inside?

    • Dev says:

      Hi there Sir / Ma’m,

      Did not think it was necessary to contact Platatac because it was a minor issue. The strap in question is the strap that secures the internal radio pouch that is inside the main compartment of the pack and is attached to the pack itself (ie NOT the straps stitched to the radio pouch with an ITW Nexus buckle). Hope it’s descriptive enough. Apart from this very minor issue am veey happy with the pack.

  9. balais says:

    Im glad that a few companies are starting to see the wisdom behind the ALICE pack concept.

    Short and fat rucksacks are superior to longer ones IMO, with the exception of civilian mountaineering or hiking situations (where you dont wear a battle or MOLLE belt).

    Sometimes theres no getting around having to carry around your gear and 3-day assault packs are exceptions to the rule, from war on terror vehicle-based operations, not new standards.

  10. reverend says:

    I can get so much more gear in my ALICE than any other pack I own (I’m a pack junkie). It’s just the original frame that sucks. If that problem is resolved, you’re talking about a GOOD long distance pack…

  11. YeahRight says:

    Seems a ripoff design of what the “Packman” use to do in Sydney for Paratroopers and CDOs back in the 90’s except this does not look jumpable.It only had 6 pockets on the outside.
    The best thing was being able to work from the outside of your pack in.If you carried a big medkit like me it was gold.
    Also I could move my head around more when I went to ground.