The Atlas 46 Tool Roll

John Carver started the legendary Eagle Industries during the 1980s. A few years back he sold it and went into “retirement”. No sooner than he started odd jobs around his ranch did he realize that he could build a better tool belt. That’s when Atlas 46 was born and since then he has created quite a few items. Just the other day he sent these photos of a new Tool Roll.


Four zippered pockets to keep everything organized and a newly added carrying handle on the latest prototype.

This is teh load of tools in the roll.


Made in USA.

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27 Responses to “The Atlas 46 Tool Roll”

  1. Nice little tool roll. Would work well for gun tools too.

  2. Paul says:

    We miss you John Carver.

    • jwc says:

      Trust me, I truly miss not doing great items for the military and LE people all over the world. FS is doing that now days.

  3. TMedina says:

    Nice. Also great potential for a weapon’s cleaning kit.

    • jwc says:

      I was told that by a master gunsmith today.
      I got a good idea from a lady in Lewistown, MT today about using socket holders like the ones you can buy in any hardware store.
      “Listen to the customers, they will tell you what they need. It is up to the manufacture to build what they ask for, build it to last, and sell it at a fair price.” That has been my belief for 35 years.

  4. zhangergou says:

    it looks like kifaru.

  5. eriko says:

    Kifaru is the guy from MountainSmith and his retirement project.

  6. Ex Coelis says:

    Massive COOL!!! I WANT ONE, emm, on second thought make that TWO!!!
    The organizational uses these quite be put too are delightful. Thank you Mister Carver. Thank you for making yet another hugely cool product. Really hope these Atlas 46 Rolls are made available soon. Think if I got one for heavier tools(as pictured), I’d want twin straps… But that’s just me. Obviously Mister Carver thought better of it. Definitely one THE coolest tool rolls I’ve ever cast eyes on. Great post, thank you for it!

    • jwc says:

      The one in the photo was the first one I have ever made. My mom made all the samples and short production runs back in the mid to late 70’s. She sewed for me until she was 86. One hell of a great mom!

  7. Ben says:

    what are the dimensions on it rolled vs unrolled?

    • jwc says:

      Off hand from the prototype
      12″ wide
      16″ long
      zipper opening, 10″
      Pouch width 2.5″
      Pouch heigth 2.5-3″
      The factory is starting to run production samples tomorrow.

  8. CapnTroy says:

    Cool…but does it come in MJK…?

    • jwc says:

      MJK. The standard colors for Atlas are, coyote and black.
      Matt Johnson Khaki, I haven’t heard that term for years. That term was started by Pat Rogers when the great one (Matt Johnson) worked at Eagle developing great products for the end users. The SEALS were using the darker brown, (a lot like coyote,) for several years, then switched to the lighter khaki that Brookwood Mills was providing at the time. Don Gallo was spearheading the project for the SEALS and they wanted to switch to the khaki. Just some history.

  9. Dev says:

    Mesh version would make for a great compacy travel wash kit.

    • I was thinking mesh would be great to actually see what tools are in each pocket.

      • jwc says:

        Buckaroomedic, mesh catches on he end of sharp tools. I sorted the pockets for myself, by the way I sort the drawers in my tool box top to bottom, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches and sockets. That way I know what pocket has what. We could do a miscellaneous pocket if need be.

  10. TheBlade says:

    Any idea what these will cost or ETA?

  11. AGL Bob says:

    I’m glad to find out about Atlas 46. I used to by almost everything from Eagle (before the new owner), but now will be paying Mr. Carver a visit.

  12. BCP says:

    It’s actually very similar to the Kitmat from Emdom.

    • jwc says:

      I started making rollup tool pouches for motorcycle endurance races back in the mid 1970s. I also made the first ever gear bags for motorcycle races in my mom’s basement in 1974.

      • jwc says:

        By the way, I don’t remember when the military medics started using a roll up pouch.
        I know they were being used in Vietnam. The early ones were in heavy cotton duck, and later got changed to nylon. Eagle started making a copy of that one sometime in the early to late 90’s I believe. The military one was a great item and people want one like it after the military stopped production or they couldn’t be found very easily out in the open market.