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Needs More Accessories

Since are much more interested in trainwreck than actual news, we present this little gem recently showcased on Tactical Fanboy. It’s another file for the “even though you could, you shouldn’t have” folder.


This photo of a highly motivated Peshmerga fighter and his rather interesting rifle recently hit The piece de la resistance (pun intended) is definitely the M16 carrying handle.


35 Responses to “Needs More Accessories”

  1. Chuck says:

    I can’t follow the link at work. Is the photographer sure this guy isn’t YPG? They seem much more likely to look like this than the mostly professional Peshmerga guys I used to see at Habur Gate.

  2. xpoqx says:

    “My gun is so cool looking it doesn’t need the pistol grip.”

  3. zhangergou says:

    PLA type 07 Digital Desert camo ?huh……

  4. Bushman says:

    Carrying handle, not charging.
    Looks like Matrix steel AK upper cover with integrated carrying handle (which is copying the shape of A2 handle without rear sight portion).
    Or he just took A2 handle, filed off the rear portion and welded it to AK upper cover, because normally stamped steel covers don’t have anything to be able to mount something on top.

  5. PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

    That hair gel is at least 3A armor…

  6. Maxcoseti says:

    Judging by the hairstyle and the lack of pistol grip he’s probably from California.
    Also, it’s an M-16 style carrying handle, not *charging* handle

  7. DSM says:

    My initial reaction might’ve been to chuckle because we’re used to our small arms sporting the latest and greatest whiz bang accessories. But then I think that’s probably all this fellow has got and he’s making it work. A round from that stick doesn’t know it was shot from a goobered up rifle. In a way it makes me disappointed that these guys are our on side and we’re not equipping them. Not even with all the green tip they want to ban.

    • Patrick says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Adam says:

        DSM you took the words out my mouth. Thank you for being a human amongst all the chuckle heads. You win my award of gratitude for being objective, and compassionate. This administration is killing this country, and others.

        • Mindrumkyle says:

          To DSM. I thank you for your forward comments. Most of these fighters have little to eat and their weapon and ammo caches are minimal at best. Their enemies have been well funded. Makes me wonder why they fight at all. Except for the fact that they fight or die. We on the other hand can toss insults and be coy, since this soldier hasn’t the weapon of his choice like the one collecting dust in one of our gun safes. Ask yourself, if you could give YOUR perfectly balanced, spot on weapon to this soldier, would you? I would. When that stone hits your forehead and knocks you out of the fight? Remember, it was probably all he had, until he got yours.

    • M.W says:

      Agreed completely…

      • unimog says:

        Dsm well said sir, I see little humor in mocking him. He’s willing to give his life to fight a universally despised enemy. He knows he’s poorly equipped the chairborne rangers with the snide comments seem to forget history it’s not always the latest and greatest that wins, motivation, determination and dedication are a hell of a weapon accessory.

  8. Coastie says:

    Happily surprised to see r/guns linked here!

  9. fritz bousigschouer says:

    that turkish dumbshit

  10. Tim says:

    So this is what they do with the parts when they confiscate guns off the street or police buy back programs (they give you a 5$ gift card )they destroy them and sell the parts like a chop shop… Interesting

  11. Jayson says:

    that’s a chick

  12. ryan breneman says:

    He definately needs at least on more accessory.a the hell doespecially he get a firing grip.

  13. Steve says:

    He must be training in Cali,…. the thing has no bayonet lug and cleaning rod, in a place where everything has em.

  14. Yes, by all means, let’s all have fun at the expense of a guy defending his home and family from the ISIS animals.

    Post fail, I’d say.

  15. Kip Staton says:

    It’s definitely not a standard M16/AR-15 carry handle. He’s missing a brake, too.

    If you look closely, there’s a long grip bolt dangling by the trigger guard. Perhaps the grip somehow cracked off?

    Mighty strange, that’s for sure.

  16. Palehorse1 says:

    So the front sight post is either really, really tall or…

  17. Tim says:

    Someone send him an akbg!!!

  18. fitswell says:

    Wow can i get a Allah akbar?

  19. tazman66gt says:

    Seem to remember seeing this photo several years ago, then claimed it was afghan.

  20. leebotx says:

    Get me his mailing address, I have a take off AK pistol grip I’ll send him.

  21. KVCT UNIT-14 says:

    I salute him. His love of freedom gave him the ingenuity to cobble an AK rifle together from mixed parts. He obviously had no rifle before. I’d buy him an AK or Ruger AR556, too.