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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame

I saw the new FirstSpear Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame at SHOT Show. Generally, companies are want to take this project on due to cost but enough of their customers asked for one that they decided to work out the frame side of things. Building a good bag isn’t the issue for a company like FirstSpear, it’s putting together a frame that balances weight and durability that can be the challenge.


FirstSpear did it by engineering a lighter, more durable rolling frame by taking advantage of advanced design in both tubing and material structure to drop some weight and maintain or increase strength in key areas.


This system features top loading through a generous zipper closed portal and has reinforced secured handles that can be used to offset the pull of the bag behind you so as not to clip your heels or for those times when you find yourself pulling two. If needed, the bag can be removed from the frame for cleaning and repair.


Available in Black, Rust and Manatee Grey so you won’t stick out like the proverbial sore thumb during travel.



4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame”

  1. Bill says:

    Whoever coined the name “Manatee Grey” should get a prize. I’d like to see it side by side with Wolf Grey. Maybe Grey Squirrel will be next, but too many people shoot at those – bad Karma

    • T says:

      It’s about the same size as a manatee too. Perfect.
      Actually “covert”, for once… minus the velcro, but that seems to be a requirement for a bag/pack/whatever to be taken seriously in the industry. I guess a seam ripper could fix that though.

  2. wokka says:

    This is almost an exact version of the eagle trec bag isn’t it? I know FS is borne out of original eagle folk, but what i love about first spear is their innovation… surely they are better than this?