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Doug’s Trench – London Bridge Trading Inc – Tactical Recon Vest

There was a time when the LBT Tactical Recon Vest was all the rage. With the recent hit movie “American Sniper” folks are starting to remember this classic design.

General Features
-Modular Rhodesian chest rig
-3” adjustable modular padded straps w/ 1.5″ fast clip release points
-Releasable modular chest panel w/ internal document storage capability
-9” Kangaroo pouch w/ six 2” elastic loops on the interior
-Adjustable waist strap w/ 2” fast clip release points
-Rear section holds ballistic plate, secure by adjustable strap/bungee retention
-The LBT-9040A is available in Coyote



13 Responses to “Doug’s Trench – London Bridge Trading Inc – Tactical Recon Vest”

  1. Pieter Thirion says:

    wasn’t the rig used in Maerican Sniper an eagle Industries rig?

  2. The Stig says:

    Looks like an Eagle Industries RRV was used in the movie. Which would have been accurate.

  3. CPTK says:

    Supposedly Pantac USA, originally known for knock-offs of various companies’ gear for the airsoft market provided the RRVs for “Lone Survivor.” I would guess that there’s a good chance that they provided them for “American Sniper” as well, possibly even the same ones.

    • FNB says:

      These are not Pantac nor are they LBT. LBT has a similar design but the ones in the movies are supposed to be the Eagle RRV.

    • tom says:

      Eeeeehhhh, I heard it was First-Spear? For discussion’s sake, I hope I’m not thinking Act of Valor.

    • tom says:

      To clarify a bit more, “they” went with First-Spear as they were more easily accessible than Eagle and were largely comprised of former Eagle employees whom knew and even created the original designs.

      However, I still may be thinking of an earlier film

  4. A couple of you are half right…

    The Khaki Rhodesians in American Sniper were literally recycled from what was left from Lone Survivor. The filmmakers had tried to get Eagle to make them but it was at the beginning of the ATK/Eagle goatfuck and they couldn’t get a phone call returned.

    We reached out to First Spear (knowing that their sewing machine operators were very familiar with the pattern) and got them to crank out 40 of these. They already had Khaki pouches on the shelf.

    First Spear did an amazing job with the rigs, and as always, fell well within our delivery deadline.

    • tom says:

      Well, there you go.

    • Thanks for posting, the vests look good, which ammo pouches are they using? they don’t look familiar.

      • Lone Survivor used 90% FirstSpear pouches, with the rest being Eagle stuff we still had in stock. A lot of the FirstSpear pouches were the 6/9 system, which was easier to install and didn’t cause any accuracy issues since you don’t have a reason to see the back of the pouches in the film.

        The ones I think you’re talking about in the pic above are most likely cheap import AK pouches. They probably came closest to an archival photo they were trying to match.

  5. Darrel says:

    LBT is a dying brand. The only thing they make that has any real acclaim is the 6094. The 6094 is inferior to basically any modern plate carrier, but that’s not the issue here. They make the MAP pack, some riggers belts, and various other small things, but nothing that another company doesn’t do better.

    They haven’t even tried to come out with new products, new attachment systems… Basically their design philosophy is the same as it was when they were making gear in 2006, when there was a very short list of brands that actually made these kind of things. The problem isn’t the designs themselves, just the completely excessive weight and over-ruggedization.

    You could say the same thing about Eagle. Aside from the classics (CIRAS, RRV, MAP, RLCS, FSBE, SPCs, etc) they don’t really have anything that appeals to those who don’t need super durability. Eagle is primarily a contractor though. They don’t really market gear towards civilians. LBT on the other hand, has a very short list of contracts and mainly markets towards airsofters and wannabes. You would think that they would at least bring back MAS Grey, considering it’s just about the only thing that you can’t get anywhere else.

    • LBT says:

      Thanks for the health analysis… All vital signs here seem to be good to go on our end, far from a dying brand like some of our former competitors who have either been bought out or gone under. We may not show off a shiny new toy every month, but we are constantly innovating and developing new gear for the guys downrange. I wish we could bring all our cool new developments to market, the reality of it is we cater to a niche market which requires us to build product to a standard that tends to drive the price range well out of civilian reach, we’re firm believers in buy once cry once… and why till this day we still offer a true life time guarantee for all the product we make.

      In regards to us being a small contract company, I’ll have to take that as lack of knowledge in the contract world, where as 75% of our business and why we’re still around today after 30+ years of being in this industry is from government contracts. The reason we continue to secure those major contracts is because we make solid gear in a reasonable time that other companies of our caliber can’t even fathom.

      We do have a few new items that we hope to bring to market this year that we’ll debut at upcoming industry trade-shows, keep an eye out and we welcome the feedback once you’ve had a chance to check out these items firsthand.