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Hyperstealth Develops New Jamaica Defense Force Camo Pattern

Although we haven’t heard from Canada’s Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation in awhile, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. The Jamaica Defense Force just unveiled their new Digital Combat Uniforms which sport a camoflauge pattern developed by Hyperstealth. This pattern replaces the British DPM used since 1992.

Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Antony Anderson, said said the new uniform has security features, which will ensure that it does not end up in the hands of criminals and is proprietary meaning it cannot be purchased at a surplus store.

The new uniform will be available in land and maritime variants amd is said to be up to 50% more effective at camouflaging troops than the outgoing DPM, as it blends more easily into both the urban and jungle-type terrain as well as coastal conditions in which the JDF operates.


29 Responses to “Hyperstealth Develops New Jamaica Defense Force Camo Pattern”

  1. John says:

    Must…resists…making….funny comment…

    It’s just too easy.

    • Maskirovka says:

      Hyperstealth in, rastaflage out! Now, I bet they’d like to get out of those hot, black boots.

  2. Carlos says:

    Will the Department of the Navy and USMC be getting royalties?

  3. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Laugh if you want to, but remember – they fielded an effective digital camouflage pattern for their environment before the United States Army did…

    • IheartPTbelts says:

      Sure, but how advanced is their PT belt technology? Looks like they got a uniform that works pretty well for their environment.

  4. straps says:

    Spit-shined boots and a combat shirt.

  5. Eddie says:

    Oh Guy Cramer, Ja-makin’ us crazy.

  6. jbgleason says:

    That is one seriously low-slung 1980’s Action Star drop holster.

    • lightfighter says:

      Equally astonishing are the U.S. National Guard Troops who guard Penn Station and Grand Central station in NYC. The carry their drop rigs at the same height

  7. Patrick says:

    Ya mon but it won’t be cash

  8. William says:

    Glad to see they were able to convince someone to buy their pattern

  9. Disco says:

    It looks like marpat and that ugly urban digi camo.

    Partially thought they would use British Multicam but eh…
    And I agree, I thought everyone was past the whole black boots silliness.

  10. Steven S says:

    The macro looks almost non-existent in this pattern.

    • SSD says:

      It’s hard to tell from these photos.

      • Steven S says:

        I looked at more photos of the pattern and still don’t see it.

        It doesn’t mean the pattern is bad necessarily, it’s just a blending pattern (heavy emphasis on delaying detection than recognition).

  11. CAVstrong says:

    I wonder if this is perhaps a discarded prototype or variant of the fabled MARPAT 2.0. Also I wonder what this looks like in NIR.

  12. rrossouw says:

    Looks a lot like Jordanian pattern, same geometry? maybe different colors.

    • Eddie says:

      Came from the guy who made the Jordanian patterns, so that was bound to happen.

  13. rce says:

    the urban pattern is “bleh” but look how good that woodland/jungle is against the green. nice pattern. it’s like an improved marpat.

  14. CAVstrong says:

    I dunno I kind of like it, and at this point, I think I’d almost rather adopt MARPAT 2.0 across all of the DoD….

    • CAVstrong says:

      Additionally I’m serious about the NIR question. It looks like Hyperstealth took pains to separate the green and brown colors, presumably so they wouldn’t blend at a distance or under NIR.

      • Chris says:

        Considering the big deal Guy makes about NIR on his site, I think this is a good supposition.

  15. John says:

    I can still see the monkey.

  16. John says:

    Camo pants up – don’t loot.