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Sneak Peek – SureFire Closed Tine Flash Hider

Last week, I got a peek at SureFire’s new Closed Tine Flash Hider.

Manufactured at the request of a military customer, the Flash Hider part SFCT-556-1/2X28, works with the SOCOM556 series of suppressors. The “SFCT” in the part number denotes SureFire Closed Tine, the 556 is the caliber and the 1/2×28 is for Mil-Spec 1/2-28 muzzle thread. If it looks somewhat familiar to you, that’s becuase it is. This is an updated version of the same flash hider they have had for years for the legacy suppressor line, part number FH556-212A (NSN: 1005-01-554-3051).

Many will find two advantages to a Closed Tine design. First, the Flash Hider is much less likely to catch on foliage and second, you lose the distinctive “ting” sound produced while firing an open tine muzzle device.

Above, you can see the suppressor alignment lug at the 6 O’clock position. Additionally, the bottom of the flash hider is closed (like an A2 flash hider) which reduces dust signature when firing.



19 Responses to “Sneak Peek – SureFire Closed Tine Flash Hider”

  1. Chicken Legs says:


  2. SN says:

    Sweet, understand the science behind the open tines, but I like the closed end better.

    SF is on the short list, guess I need to start saving my dollars for an end of year buy.

  3. Lt. Dan says:

    Full circle back to the most expensive bird cage ever since its a Sure Fire?

    • Jon C. says:

      Full circle back to it being expensive because manufacturing tolerances must be very narrow for suppressor mounting as well as added processes and tool changes for the collar and indexing pin notch, unlike your A2 bird cage

      • Lt. Dan says:


      • joe says:

        Doesn’t the KAC/SOPMOD QD suppressor work on the standard A2 flash hider? Is it significantly less effective than this package from Surefire?

        • SSD says:

          The A2 flash hider or the KAC suppressor? Maybe you’re thinking about 2007 or so?

        • Andrew says:

          The reason Surefire brags so much about their minimum impact shift and the fact it is completely repeatable is due to the high tolerances they maintain between their adapters (flash hiders, muzzle brakes) and suppressors. To answer your question, yes the Surefire solution performs far superior to the previously mentioned options. Also the life and flash reduction of the SF cans is far superior. All reasons you are seeing more and more SF cans ran by SOCOM units. All this does come at a price though…

        • Mike D says:

          The A2 LOOKING muzzle device that the KAC NT4 Suppressor mounts to has slightly different dimensions than a standard A2. Additionally, there is an indexing notch as well. You CAN fit their suppressor on an A2, but only if you’re really handy with a Dremel. Speaking from experience… and it was probably a stupid idea now that I think of it.

    • Craig says:

      I have the legacy version on my 12.5″ pistol. The flash when shooting at night is less through that set-up than an M4 with the A2 birdcage. Now I’ll admit, I was shooting PMC bronze and XM193 in the pistol, so it’s not a 100% comparison to shooting M855, and M855A1 in the M4.

  4. That Blue Falcon says:

    Will this be released for commercial sale? I’ve been eying a Surefire can, curious to see what mounting options will be like.

  5. PX3 says:

    “Manufactured at the request of a military customer”

    If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that line

    • SSD says:

      Well, considering it’s made for the SOCOM issue suppressor, I’d say we can go ahead and trust it.

  6. Chuck says:

    Fingers crossed for a compensated version.

  7. Greg says:

    the pictures on this story aren’t loading for me for some reason, other stories they load fine

  8. Snake says:

    Wonder if there’s a 7.62 version not far behind.

  9. plong says:

    Nice add Surefire. Now, about that 7.62 model… Two, please!

  10. Shane says:

    When can we get them?