Way Of The Gun – Proctor Covert B.E.L.T.


The Proctor Covert B.E.L.T. (Bring Everything Light Tactical) is a minimalist concealed carry belt. Made from flat black nylon webbing, the Covert B.E.L.T. is 1.5″ wide with a narrow thickness to accomodate a wide variety of pants, and a built-in stiffener on the sides to help prevent hostile torque. Two dedicated elastic pistol mag pouches and two elastic pistol and rifle mag pouches allow for a degree of user customization, and the pouches have a backing for retention purposes. Additionally, the B.E.L.T features a small Velcro pouch for small items, and plastic D-ring buckles.


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5 Responses to “Way Of The Gun – Proctor Covert B.E.L.T.”

  1. Dellis says:

    I like that. Now how functional it is I have no idea but the general look of it seems like it would work nicely.

  2. MIke Nomad says:

    That looks like a pretty cool idea. What is “hostile torque?”

  3. PX3 says:

    Can’t wait for all your stuff to fall out, interesting concept but more of a novelty item.

    Gravity anyone?

    • Luke says:

      depends how grippy the backing is. could work very well or they could fall out. If your waist is smaller then your hips your body should also help with retention.

  4. Robert says:

    PX3 I can assure you this belt was extensively tested through all types of environments and has never lost anything.

    Hostile Torque = Holster Torque. It was a typo I am sure