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Agilite Gear – K3-Keramon Plate Carrier


Agilite has just released the brand new K3-Keramon Plate Carrier. Intended for IDF units, the K3 is designed to house the IDF-standard V3 “Hashmonai” plate.


The K3 is lightweight, with a selection of modular pouches that allow the end user to adapt the carrier to their equipment and mission. The minimalist design of the K3 decreases the overall weight, while increasing airflow. Additionally, a laser-cut Velcro front panel allows for the attachment of patches or hook-backed modular pouches.

Available exclusively in Israel.



9 Responses to “Agilite Gear – K3-Keramon Plate Carrier”

  1. John H. says:

    Who makes the uniform?

  2. M L says:

    Yep, what is this uniform?

  3. El Guapo says:

    Good to see the IDF can now only be 10 years behind everyone else…

    • mike says:

      Well they’re doing it on a shoestring budget and most of their stuff is surplus from other countries. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m lazy.

      • T.H says:

        As someone who has a son fighting in the IDF right now, I can tell you that they are happy to have whatever they can get their hands on. And unfortunately they are not allowed to wear items that are sent to them outside the normal channels. (Or at least the group my son is with cannot).

  4. Yohanan says:

    The uniform is the new IDF uniform..its been tested now in a few units in the IDF including sayeret matkal and some other special units..for now its just a pilot.

  5. Terry says:

    They could have at least colour matched the Velcro.