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SIG MPX Shipping Now


200 SIG MPX heading out the door today.



13 Responses to “SIG MPX Shipping Now”

  1. Tackleberry says:

    When’s the street variant of the 7.62×51 CSASS submission coming out? 😉

  2. blehtastic says:

    Such an awesome PDW. I want one.

  3. WildBillHickok says:

    How did you come across this info?

  4. Todd says:

    Patiently waiting for factory SBR version.

  5. Adam says:

    I put in a pre-order for this goddamned gun in December, after a few months I called SIG and their rep said “we’re not going to release it until it’s perfect”. My take away from that was that they were having issues, and I reminisced of waiting 4 years for the ACR, so I pulled my pre-order and built an SBR. I really wanted this, but maybe when they’re plentiful and the price goes down or they release a Gen 2.

    • Amy says:

      Sig Sauer is that type of Company who takes pre-order money and doesn’t deliver the product. They have said the “we’re not going to release it until it’s perfect” crap before. I was a Dealer on the Military/LE pricing program in 2012/2013. They took full payments on the damn SIG716 Precision Marksman. Only to figure out “after the fact” that the gun wouldn’t work as designed (20″ barrel). So it was back to the drawing board for a redesign. I had over 25 guys/gals out over $2,000.00 until they got the damn gun figured out. Not good business practice to take money from hard working people…mostly military personnel, and not have a finished product. If you ask me, Sig Sauer needs to get back to their “old school” mentality, the way the Company was initially started.
      (Just a “dumb” female Gun Lover/Gun Shop Owner!

  6. Mark G says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…

    I thought LaRue Tactical was building the official Costa rifles. What happened to that match made in heaven?

  7. Mark G says: