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Introducing the Costa Ludus Rifle

A new Costa Ludus Rifle made by War Sport Industries has been rumored for some time. Now, it’s reality.

Developed through collaborative effort between Costa and War Spott over the last eight months, the initial batch of rifles are being made available thru Reactive Gunworks. Follow up deliveries will be sold through Reactive Gunworks and other War Sport dealers.

Caliber: .223 Rem/ 5.56 Nato
Chamber: .223 Wylde
Barrel Length: 14.7” 4150CM LVOA Match Barrel
Twist Rate: 1/8 RH
Weight (unloaded): 7.0lbs
Length (overall): 31” – 35”
Trigger: Geissele SSA-E
Stock/Pistol Grip: Magpul CTR / Magpul MIAD
Sights: None
Muzzle: Device: War Sport GP Comp
Attached: Pinned and Welded
Color: Costa Grey
Extras: Battle Arms 90 Degree Selector, QD End Plate and the first and last position on rail
Price: $2650

Available for purchase through

Photos by: Bryan Soderlind, Reactive Gunworks, Nathan Holtmeyer

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23 Responses to “Introducing the Costa Ludus Rifle”

  1. Mike Nomad says:

    At least they got the chamber right. However, $2,650…

    No sights, and the muzzle device is pinned and welded. No Thanks.

    Of course, YMMV.

  2. XC says:

    I’ve met Chris a few times and he’s a genuinely cool guy. He’s absolutely humble, has no attitude and it actually quite funny. I think all of the haters need to meet him before judging him. That aside, I think, like with most War Sport items is rather over priced. One could build a very top notch AR with a ridiculously expensive barrel (Proof Research…Melonited and carbon wrapped) and all top end gear (Vltor, BCM, KAC, Geissele, etc., etc.) for under $2650…WITH IRON SIGHTS! 😉

  3. matt says:

    dont bother putting any fore grips on this gun. there is only one way to hold the costa rifle, the exaggerated C grip. and your not operator enough if you need sights so dont bother with that ether….

    • Case says:

      Completely concure Matt, I’ve also gone the way of feel shooting. Having a sight on your primary weapon is archaic and well for lack of a better term, BUSTER AF. #costa’smyboy #notyourboy

  4. T.H says:

    Im sure it looks incredible on the runways of Japan!

  5. SGT Rock says:

    Dayum! That’s way too spendy for a single 5.56 rifle.

  6. Frtizthedog says:

    Two days late for April Fools……amateurs….

  7. Jesse says:

    I just came for the “its too expensive” comments. Even though it will sell out.

  8. straps says:

    I’ll go on a limb and give him props as a weapons handling and manipulation instructor (I was gifted a pistol course slot), but yeah, $2K. Ouch.

    That rifle isn’t for the hard core here, most of whom have a bookmark bar full of trusted parts sellers and a drawer full of tools…

  9. Diddla says:

    Blue/grey colored rifle just in time for UCP/OCP transition. People will now be able to sell their old ACUs to the guys who order these guns as they will surely want something to match for the runway.

  10. Haywood JahblowMi says:

    I love how the LVOA (Low Visibility Operations Application) shoots the same size fireball out of the end of the gun just like their GPR and this damn thing.

  11. Paul says:

    If you’re spending this kind of money, I’m sure you already have some sort of optic or sight, and it’s probably not your first rifle.

  12. T says:

    Pinned and welded? Why was that necessary?

    • Erik says:

      A 14.7″ barrel is why it’s necessary.

      • T says:

        Right, I know the rules, but for the price I feel sure another 1.3 inches wouldn’t have killed anyone. Might as well get a little flexibility, and either go full SBR or not.

  13. Pete says:

    I’d rather have a piston gun for that price…

  14. MidgasFan says:

    I checked one out at a local shop on Tuesday and while it’s a nice gun, it’s nowhere near worth $2600. Forged lower, polymer Magpul trigger guard, they didn’t even brand the upper, rail or charging handle with the CL logo. They left the WS logo which is cool but this is supposed to be the Costa Ludas rifle.

    Handles well and feels nice but for that money I’d be after a .308. Also pinning and welding a non-stop reason mount is stinky. I get why as some states can’t have hider and such but a few options are not a bad thing.

  15. Vince says:

    Costa is a cool dude and can shoot like a champ. Although he has a huge hater base, who do you know that has a color named after them? On the other hand, Damn that’s an expensive “toy.” I only purchase tools…

  16. Darrel says:

    Garbage walmart-tier furniture, no sights, direct-impingement gas system, pinned flash hider…. If I wanted a crappy rifle I would buy a Delton for a third of the price

  17. Adam says:

    Every rifle I build is around 3K, all premium parts, but lightweight too (thank you V7 Weapon Systems). I’ve disliked War Sport as a company since they said they wouldn’t sell just that LVOA rail, but to bash them for not making a good product is way too judgmental. If you haven’t handled their rifles you have no way to speak of quality/accuracy for cost. I personally agree with most of the people who are saying it’s pricey, but you will always pay for the name i.e. LWRCI, Daniel Defense, Primary Arms, KAC, etc. If you would rather have a Panther Arms or Stag Arms or some such bullshit, then have at it, someone’s gotta’ buy that crap. #gunsnob

  18. Mark G says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…

    I thought LaRue was making the official Costa rifle. What happened to that match made in heaven?

  19. Rearmount says:

    I think the Larue was only for a limited run. Once that ran out, that was it. I do agree that for $2600 can take you a bit further with your money. With that money, I’d take a serious look at a KAC SR15 + an optic.

    Also, is the SSA-E really a desirable trigger for a general-use carbine? I would think a SSA would be a better decision, like on the Larue.