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MDM – Benchmade – 4300 CLA

The 4300 CLA is ‘The Composite Lite Auto’, a lightweight automatic knife with G10 scales weighing in at only 3.47 oz. It features a 154CM stainless steel drop-point blade, push button operation with safety, and a reversible tip-up deep-carry pocket clip. Available with and without blade serrations.


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4 Responses to “MDM – Benchmade – 4300 CLA”

  1. Maskirovka says:

    Was never a fan of the Auto Stryker due to the metal grip. This looks promising.

  2. Rus says:

    I got one of these last week, with the satin combi blade.

    Really nice, feels nothing like the Auto Stryker, I think you would enjoy it… I had two Auto Strykers and never cared for that knife.

    The CLA is about the size of the Emerson CQC-7 3.7″ size, but lighter. Smaller than the AFO and slightly lighter. I think it’s a great gp knife, worth the cash.

  3. redbeard33 says:

    MDM = Marine South

  4. Rethana says:

    i just got one of this a couple a days ago I just want to baby it and don’t want to put it to use but it is my first nice knive I have.