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MDM – High Speed Gear – Micro Grip Liner


HSGI’s Micro Grip Liner is designed to turn any 1.75″ rigger belt or 2″ duty belt with interior Velcro into a padded belt. It’s constructed of proprietary Neoprene material, adding a “gel like comfort” to the belt; the Neoprene material is the same used to construct the Sure Grip belt.

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13 Responses to “MDM – High Speed Gear – Micro Grip Liner”

  1. Jon, OPT says:

    I have one of these in my testing pool right now, initial impressions are very good, the quality is what to expect and the concept is sound. It’s going on my range belt this week.

    Jon, OPT

  2. Patrick says:

    From my experience, High Speed Gear is just that – they put out some top notch products. I have one of their battle belts, and the weight just disappears. I can wear that thing all day and hardly notice it.

  3. Chris K. says:

    Another major benefit of this pad is the neoprene holds the belt in place, so just a a good battle belt you can make your rigger/duty belt stay put by just buckling it on. No more need for inner/outer belt systems.

  4. Brian says:

    I’ve been using one on my duty belt since they first came out. I’ve tried three other brands of duty belt pads, and I prefer the HSGI pad. I still use keepers with my belt, more out of habit than necessity due to grippiness (if that’s even a word) of the belt pad. For those interested, I use a 2″ duty belt with keepers for a 2.25″ belt, and it works perfectly.

  5. Ghosteryx77 says:

    I’m kinda confused on the sizing. Can someone let me know the appropriate size for a 32-34 inch waist?

  6. Don’t know how the sizing is confusing? Listed Medium as 32″-34″ on our website. The pad itself you would order the same size as the cobra belt as it matches the loop lining on the inside of the belt. As far as applying to other manufacturers I suggest measuring and ordering the appropriate inch sizing.

  7. SSD says:

    Yes, it’s too much to ask. For trade shows we now actually take lower res photos due to the increase in bandwidth with so many people reading the site simultaneously.

  8. Ghosteryx77 says:

    On the website it says “medium – 27″ long” so my question was if I was to wear this belt like my current under belt (under the belt loops) and attach my duty belt on top with belt keepers, which size would actually fit completely around my waist. It looks like you guys designed it to attach to the duty belt Velcro but I don’t see it staying in place without keepers. I suppose any overlap may create an issue.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      It stays on my rigger belt without keepers. The belt has hook tape that couples with pile tape found on most duty and rigger belts. If you have no pile tape on your belt, keepers or simple 100mph tape will hold it in position

      I hope that helps with part of your question. I can’t help with sizing, I do not currently stock this item, we are testing one right now.

      Jon, OPT

      • Patrick says:

        When I got my battle belt from them, I initially picked the wrong size (completely my fault). I shot them and email explaining it, sent the smaller belt back, and had the correct size incredibly fast. The whole thing was painless, and their customer service was top notch

        So I wouldn’t be overly worried about making an honest mistake with sizing.

    • I wear mine over a everyday pants belt. I went up a size since you are adding to the girth. To get the best possible measurement take a seamstress tape and measure over your pants belt