Wilcox Binocular Bridge For AN/PVS-14


Wilcox is now offering their Bino Bridge For AN/PVS-14 NVD. It is designed to allow the end user to either wera a PVS-14 as a monocular, or add a second PVS-14 or SkeetIR x thermal for binocular needs. Offered in either a dovetail shoe or horn interface, the Bino Bridge fits into the G24 or G11 mount.



6 Responses to “Wilcox Binocular Bridge For AN/PVS-14”

  1. jbgleason says:

    This looks like a great option for units / agencies with 14’s on hand BUT I have to ask… What does this configuration weigh loaded out? It just looks (looks can be deceiving I admit) like it would weigh a ton.

  2. Nick C says:

    Well from the quick scan I did it looks like It will add an extra ~4oz. Not a huge amount of extra weight considering what you’re getting.

  3. RazorTXN says:

    The Wilcox website says it weights 8.7 ounces. For comparison the Mod Armory mount weighs 5 ounces. So this leaves the Wilcox mount to be kind of a head scratcher. I have the Mod Armory mount and even it is uncomfortably heavy using dual PVS 14s. Here is what it should weigh including everything. Dual PVS 14s and Wilcox mount (32.7 ounces). Same set up with the Mod Armory (29 ounces). For reference…Sentinel goggles (21 ounces).

  4. Explosive Hazard says:

    On my last deployment I had a similar mount that allowed me to run either two 14’s or a 14 and the UTM Skeetir micro. It was a bit heavy for sure but I think it would have been a lot more manageable if I had a counter weight on the back.

    It was nice to be able to have a thermal on one side and NV on the other just so I could toggle between the two while doing dismounted route clearance at night. However I do not recommend trying to use both thermal and NV simultaneously through two different devices.

    I would agree that this gives another option for units that don’t have/can’t afford to get the PVS 15’s or better.

  5. Darrel says:

    8.7 oz is considerable. This is an appealing option for, like someone else mentioned, units that don’t have access to PVS-15s or other dual tube NVDs, and that possibly have enough surplus stock of PVS-14s that they can afford to give their warfighters two, or a combination of NVD/Thermal, which is more likely.

    God, I would give my left nut for a PVS-31, but I’m pretty sure even my left nut, right leg, and left arm wouldn’t be enough to afford one.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      Hey I hear they want your first born and your right nut. But you have to give up your nuts before the kid is even conceived. So yea we gotta figure this out how to get them.