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Wilcox Binocular Bridge For AN/PVS-14

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


Wilcox is now offering their Bino Bridge For AN/PVS-14 NVD. It is designed to allow the end user to either wera a PVS-14 as a monocular, or add a second PVS-14 or SkeetIR x thermal for binocular needs. Offered in either a dovetail shoe or horn interface, the Bino Bridge fits into the G24 or G11 mount.


Wilcox – L4 Series Hybrid Shroud

Thursday, April 10th, 2014


Wilcox’s L4 Series Hybrid Shroud was developed to allow the user to attach any of Wilcox’s L4 Series line of MVG mounts onto a helmet with either the One-Hole U.S. Army standard or Three-Hole MARSOC/WARCOM mount patterns. In the case of One-Hole helmets, the additional gaps in the housing can be filled with rubber plugs which keep the shroud from collecting dirt and debris. A rubber insert sandwiched between the helmet and shroud stabilizes the shroud body, particularly in cases when the One-Hole mount is utilized. Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy and glass-reinforced polymer, the shroud is low profile and durable, yet weighs in at only 1.6 oz.

The Hybrid Shroud features four recesses molded into the sides of the polymer frame, hook points for bungees such as those found on the Ops Core FAST helmets and the Crye Precision AirFrame. The two lower recesses are molded to accept cable/cord pass through. The Hybrid Shroud also accommodates the optional retractable NVG lanyard system.

Available in Black and Tan.


FirstSpear Media Range Day

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

FirstSpear, along with Renegade Armor, Wilcox, and Aimpoint, sponsored a media range day at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department firing range. Three ranges were set up, with the first two featuring rifles by H&K and LMT, and pistols by Nighthawk Custom and SIG Sauer. The third range featured something a bit more exotic: rifles by FERFRANS, who are known for their Delayed Sear Activation System. This system made the 7.5″ 5.56 SCW PDW very controllable when fired in full-auto. It’s also very likely this system was responsible for reducing the felt recoil of the 7.62 SOACR near 5.56 levels. Wilcox also had demonstrations of their breaching torch technology; seeing the torch used to melt through rebar as quickly as it did was impressive. Overall, it was a great media day that offered the chance to try out some truly fantastic firearms. And, I got to spend it with Tactical Fanboy who wrote this article from his perspective. BTW, the photo of him with the FERFRANS SOACR is a snapshot in time. There are no rounds in the gun and he has just been handed it by the RSO. Also, his finger isn’t on the trigger.

SOFIC – Wilcox Industries

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Wilcox is offering new cam lock flip mounts for the EOTECH (including 3x magnifier) and Aimpoint optics.


They offer right or left flip designs.


It uses a Wilcox dovetail mount design.


In addition to the thumbscrew adjustment, they also offer a flush mount with recessed bolts.


Wilcox Industries – Line of Weapon Foregrips

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Wilcox Industries

This line features both non-powered grips as well as powered grips. For the non-powered grips, one features a fixed mount (Steady Grip), and the other has a collapsible mount (Para Grip) that folds up out of the way, below the weapon’s rail. The entire line of grips features a MIL-STD-1913 quick attachment mount.

Wilcox Industries Paragrip Wilcox Industries Steadygrip

A Universal Control Grip is designed to control mounted lasers and flashlights directly from the foregrip. The grip’s three activation buttons are located right, middle, or left and accomplish accessory control by setting pre-selects for Flashlight, Laser, or Flashlight and Laser. The switches accommodate momentary or constant activation.

Wilcox Industries Universal Control Grip

All grips are available with or without an integrated bipod that stows inside the grip and can be seen in the pictures. For grips not equipped with a bipod there is an optional, removable compartment that stores two CR123 batteries.

Wilcox Industries Universal Battery Storage

Wilcox has also developed a multifunction tailcap to be used in conjunction with their line of foregrips. It connects to a Surefire light to control on and off.

Wilcox Industries Multifunction Tailcap

For more information and a list of retailers contact Wilcox Industries.

All photos courtesy Wilcox Industries.

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