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MDM – Blue Force Gear – Belt Minus V2

The biggest change to the Belt Minus in its V2 configuration is the addition of the laminate foam pad set. The pads are sewn into place, as a Velcro-based mounting system would absorb moisture in jungle environments. The V2 is still constructed of hydrophobic ULTRAcomp material, along with CORDURA and low IR nylon hardware.  Finally, the Belt Minus V2 incorporates low profile lateral stiffeners.  

The Belt Minus V2 will be offered in sizes XS – XL.


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8 Responses to “MDM – Blue Force Gear – Belt Minus V2”

  1. Chris K. says:

    Definitely likely the idea of the lateral stiffeners. Pads seem like a nice option also.

  2. RTL says:

    Any known ETA for the BFG Shingle?

    • Darrel says:

      Interested in this this as well, and singles.

      I never really liked the idea of the Beltminus, and I don’t think this really changes my mind. You need rigidity and support on your hips. A piece of laminate is not appropriate for the variable weights that a belt needs to support. Even if I was running a range belt with a minimal amount of things on it, I still don’t think I would prefer this over a Brokos or something.

      • SSD says:

        You don’t want all of that in the jungle. This is much like the old ALICE Y-harness and belt we used. You often left them open at the waste and hung down low so your buttpack rode below your ALICE pack.

      • Chris K. says:

        If you ever wore an LBE/LCE pre-GWOT you’ll understand the Beltminus. This is not a battle belt, the weight is not supposed to ride on the hips.

        • D says:

          I remember the “high-speed” thing to do was to ride the LCE high up like a chest rig. Kept you from rubbing your legs on your ammo pouches and was more comfortable in the prone.

          • Jon, OPT says:

            Doesn’t work so well when you have to jump it, but I saw that done in leg units, and wore it like that in the 25th ID (L) for a period of time. The problem with that configuration is it works in concept, in reality, it can really, really suck, especially if canteens and a ruck are involved, it places gear awkwardly under the arms. That was back when wearing a camelbak wasn’t authorized and was strictly forbidden.

            Jon, OPT

  3. elliot says:

    Any chance of getting some padding like that on the plateminus?