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MDM – 5.11 Tactical – Apex Pant

The Apex pant was initially developed for a customer who required a low-profile operational pant. Constructed of Teflon-treated Flex-Tac fabric, the Apex features dual thigh pockets, each with two integrated magazine pockets; reverse seam construction makes it so the pockets fill against the body instead of billowing outward when used. Two additional low-profile mag pockets above each seat pocket allows for the wearer to store up to 6 AR-15 magazines within the pant. Additional features include a flex cuff pocket built along the inside of the waistband and hidden cuff key pockets in the waistband and the cuff of the pant.

The Apex pant is slated for a Fall 2015 release.

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11 Responses to “MDM – 5.11 Tactical – Apex Pant”

  1. USMC ret says:

    If they really want them to be low profile they need to stop embroidering the logo on everything.

  2. ODG says:

    Nice those look good, great work Tiffy!

  3. wb says:

    off-beat question… but it always comes up with synthetic fabrics: how loud is it when you walk in these things?

    • LCSO264 says:

      If they are made of the same material (I think they are) their Stryker pants are made of, they are quiet, and should be very comfortable. I have a few pair of the Stryker pants that I were at work for range days/training, or other more (much more) casual duties, they are super comfortable.

      Our uniform pants are the 5-11 TDU’s, we tested a metric sheiiiit ton of pants (probably 5 years ago now, however) and found them to be the most durable, functional, and yet still presentable (given some parameters). That said, that was 5+ years ago, it has been since then that I picked up the Stryker pants, I could be swayed to suggest we switch from the TDU to the newer fabric pants….

      as for the labeling, I guess I’m just pretty indifferent to it? I too would like to see them in OD green, that is our uniform pant color.

  4. Disco says:

    Been using 24/7s. More low pro, more comfortable, and breatheable.

    5.11s look waaaay out of place outside of a police department.
    Haven’t worn 5.11s in years not even at work.

    That said, if this design toned down the Coperator “Yo I’m the PO-LEECE” logo because sadly homeboy knows 5.11 be ‘muffu’n popo pants an’ sheeyit’

    Put it on the inside or a removable pocket tag. But I like the “gettin’ stuff done’ coyote but would appreciate OD green.

  5. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    kanab-ish, anyone?

  6. Maskirovka says:

    VertX pants seem kinda sorta similar to me.