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Vickers Tactical – Russian Alpha AK

In this video, Larry Vickers shows off his Russian Alpha AK clone he constructed based on his time in Russia with the Alpha anti-terrorism unit.



17 Responses to “Vickers Tactical – Russian Alpha AK”

  1. Bow says:

    Unique topic and great video. I find it very interesting how much western influence the Russian weapons have. I would have never guessed that prior to seeing Larry’s earlier videos and now this. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yawnz says:

      I find it very interesting that, at least from how I understood it, the Russians are using a lot of US made products.

      • TexasKrypteia says:

        “ITAR? What is this ITAR you speak of, tovarich?” Sneaky freakin Cossacks.

  2. jbgleason says:

    Very cool but I was a bit surprised that Larry, given that he is a shooter, didn’t comment on the very blatant chin weld required to use the optic on that mount. I would be interested to see if you could get a more conventional cheek weld with a lower T1 mount.

    • mike says:

      Having seen a number of no-riser T1s on AKs you can *kinda* get a cheek-weld but it’s still awkward. Even direct-mounted you’re still too high to even get a lower 1/3 co-witness on a Texas Weapons Systems dustcover/rail and a rear sight, but it’s miles better than on a riser.

  3. Bill says:

    Sometimes you see something that just makes you say “Now that is cool!”
    This is one of those times. Thank you for sharing.

    I want one in 7.62

  4. Disco says:

    I just want the stock adaptor. And yeah in 7.62 that would make quite a room broom.

    If you were doing just straight close combat 100 yards and in…it would be plenty accurate enough

  5. Jordan says:

    What is the purpose of some of the Russian SF’s using 7.62×39 still? Is there a certain roll it fills?

    I love my aks in 7.62 just curious

  6. joe_momma says:

    Where can I get the Wilson light? ????

  7. Gear Guy says:

    I put one of these together in 7.62×39 some time back and Larry is right in that the Russian Zenitco parts are hard to source and come at a premium. I ran a Magpul CTR/MOE stock riser to alleviate the cheek weld issue with the optic.

  8. G_Dub87 says:

    Anyone know the barrel length that the 106CR got cut down to?

  9. Steven says:

    Anyone know what mods had to be done to accommodate the SRVV on a Bulgarian gun. Changed out the rear trunnion to a Russian one, or possibly modified the tactube itself…