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Warrior West – Team Wendy

Team Wendy configured this custom solution of their new EXFIL SAR Helmet for a national search amd rescue organization.
In addition to the Red color, they’ve applied SOLAS markings and 1913 rail sections. But the real piece that sets this solution apart from their standard models is the receiver for the ESS goggles seen below.


9 Responses to “Warrior West – Team Wendy”

  1. joe says:

    integrated eyepro to protect them from the suicide squirrel bombers

    • John says:

      Not sure if it’s meant to be a joke or an sarcastic comment about SAR… so just to be sure I’ll comment anyway.

      It’s certainly true that non-combat SAR means you usually don’t have people to kill you, but on the other hand you often have nature trying to kill you. Different challenges…

      Wether you need goggles when flying helos, on a mountaintop due to wind, on a watercraft,… or due to dust when working USAR, etc. There’s definitely a need – not merely an excuse – for that.

  2. WiLLiE B says:

    Any news on whether or not this option will become available online to order individually in the future?

  3. John says:

    Overall good news, but I’m still not a fan of this rail system. It’s quite high profile.

    Would’ve been great to have TW develop its helmet platform – shell, padding, suspensions, etc – things they’re great at – while using the proven and effective Ops-Core rail standard.

    I’m however very happy to see them having worked with the relevant industry certifications, considered the need for high visibility, etc.

    • jason says:

      What is it that you want the rail to do that it doesn’t do? Too much knee jerk reaction IMO with folks gravitating towards what they are used to seeing vs. taking the time to fully understand evolving systems and capabilities across industry.

      • John says:

        I does pretty much the same, however it’s higher profile (it’s thicker) rather than the recessed and mostly snag-avoiding OC design.

        I just don’t see any improvement over Ops-Core while introducing a new system with new adapters and all.

        From my point of view – correct me if I’m wrong, I’m all ears! – it just makes it possible for them to avoid paying royalties to OC. That does translate into a slightly lower upfront cost for the end-user. Cheaper for those going there from nothing, but more expensive for those making the switch from Ops-Core once you factor in switching accessories to that system.

        Kinda like M-LOK, Keymod and all the pseudo-alternatives that are mostly just license avoiding gimmicks…

        • jason says:

          So where at Ops-Core do you work? Gimmicks?

          • John says:

            Sweet comeback? Feel free to disagree.

            I did say I’d be totally satisfied with Team Wendy’s SAR helmet with its shell, suspension, padding, shroud – that’s all pretty much near perfect and superior to OC – it’s kind of a no brainer when one has mountaineering (and more) certifications.

            I just wish I could use the TW with lower profile accessories, that’s it.

          • John says:

            They both (OC Basejump Sport red and TW SAR) target a comparable market – SAR or fancy sportsmen that want modularity on their helmet.

            It’s to be expected that they’d get compared on each product’s pros and cons.