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2015 Gelande Quaffing Championship (UPDATED)

Edit: The location of this year’s Gelande Quaffing Championship has changed. If you plan on attending, the new venue is the Flambe Restaurant – 615 Channelside Drive #123 Channelside Plaza. The date and time have not changed.


With SOFIC just around the corner, that means it’s also time for the third annual Gelande Quaffing Championship. Join Smith Optics and S&S Precision May 19th at 1700 at the Flambe Restaurant – 615 Channelside Drive #123 Channelside Plaza, for an event full of comradery and friendly competition, all for a great cause.

If you’re attending, be sure to bring a bit of cash as there will also be a silent auction for some great gear, with the proceeds going to support the All In All The Time Foundation. Auction prizes include guns, knives, grills, coolers, suppressors, ‘Save The A10’ longboards, a Polaris Ranger ATV, and much more!

Not sure what this whole Gelände Quaffing thing is all about? Read this and then check out the video.

In 1986, the skis were skinny and the snow was fat, during a 14 foot storm, the infamous underground crew of the Jackson Hole Air Force was going stir crazy in the Bear Claw Café, waiting for the mountain to open. In those days the bartender would send a freshly filled beer mug sliding down the bar to the patron who ordered it. One fateful night a beer mug slid off the end of the bar, took air, was caught seconds before a glass shattering catastrophe, and promptly pounded. Gelände Quaffing was born. Apres’ ski competitions followed, testing the unique skills of all who entered, and provided exciting entertainment for all spectators. But somewhere along the way Gelände Quaffing was lost and the après ski spirit forgotten.

Stay tuned for more details on the auction and how to sign your team up early.

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3 Responses to “2015 Gelande Quaffing Championship (UPDATED)”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    That looks like an awesome way to get smashed for a good cause.

  2. redbeard33 says:

    I’ve heard strange reports of teams’ preparations for this year’s event. Things like Team S&S, clad in Plate Frames, working out team tactics with Tom Brady, Team Velocity developing clothing impervious to PBR and Team Smith developing optically-correct beer goggles. Even now, Team Mystery Ranch/Magpul are cloistered away at Brokeback Ranch, high in the Rockies undergoing extreme Pilates and Tai-bo workouts.

    The dedication of these tactical drinking athletes is rather stunning.