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The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is the product of a collaboration between Wilson Combat and the experiences of the BCMGUNFIGHTER Instructors. A limited production offering, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is designed to handle like a race gun with the dependability of a BCM rifle.


Each BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is the result of over 30 hours of custom hand work and precision machining, built and inspected by the team at Wilson Combat to insure the highest standards of quality.

The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 features:

– 5″ stainless match grade barrel & bushing, hand fit
– 3 1/2 lb – 3 3/4 lb trigger pull
– Wilson Combat Battlesight with tritium front night sight
– 5″ carbon steel slide
– High-Ride Bullet Proof beavertail grip safety
– Bullet Proof thumb safety
– Bullet proof one piece X-Tac magwell
– Tactical accessory rail


Additionally, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 has X-Tac pattern front strap and slide serrations, exclusive G10 X-Tac grips, and comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1″ at 25 yards, with an included target.

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10 Responses to “BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911”

  1. John says:

    That really nice, but $3K+ is a lot of scratch…

  2. if you want a truly reliable combat 1911. pay over 700 and less than about 1800. otherwise you are getting cheap junk, or a hard, tight fit toy that can not handle true abuse. of course now that this is a BCM product, all the big name shillers. oops I mean instructors. who prance around telling us how crappy the 1911 is and that we should be using glocks. will suddenly tell us all how great this 1911 is and how its the only one worth buying lol

    • SSD says:

      Seriously, I just looked at your blog. You have an ad from Personal Defense Network.

    • Paul says:

      Easily the most ignorant statement I will read this month (or maybe this year) about anything in this industry. Literally EVERY single point you bring up inaccurate. That is actually difficult to do.

  3. tom says:

    ya, that has always been the problem with wilson guns, and some other high end 1911 companies. for the price of one of these you could a really good 1911, and a really good m-4 and still hit the range!

  4. T says:

    Does it still have BCM GUNFIGHTER slapped on the left side? Or was it just a coincidence that they showed only the right side?

  5. Ed Hickey says:

    I think it looks great with the star & BCM logo!