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Zero Point And Kopis Mobile Pay Homage To Draper Kauffman – Part 2

Draper Kauffman Tribute

Draper Kauffman 2

Photo: America’s First Frogman – Authors Collection

In a 3-part series to honor the Father of US Navy EOD and US Navy UDT/SEAL, Zero Point and Kopis will pay tribute to Admiral Draper Lawrence Kauffman by presenting a few key bullets from his remarkable career, unveiling a few custom designs attributed to his exploits, as well as working up donations to contribute to SOWF and EODWF. Don’t miss it – and visit their booth to find out more at SOFIC – Booth #1818

Zero Point

Photo courtesy of Zero Point

Part 2 of 3: Meet Suzabelle

Suzabelle is the name Draper Kauffman gave the 500lb Japanese bomb he defused following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. No one (U.S. that is) had ever seen this type of ordnance before prior to Kauffman defusing and dismantling the bomb for intelligence. He was awarded his 1st Navy Cross for the operation.

Suzabelle, the Pin-Up Girl, was commissioned in honor of Kauffman’s remarkable exploits.

Zero Point & Kopis Mobile will have Suzabelle prominently displayed within their booth at SOFIC, #1818.



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2 Responses to “Zero Point And Kopis Mobile Pay Homage To Draper Kauffman – Part 2”

  1. EOD_debauchery says:

    That would make for a badass tattoo.

  2. Big Juju says:

    Hopefully some penicillin will clear that up.