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Zero Point – Pull-Line Master

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

The Pull-Line Master was built for dismounted EOD operational requirements for quickly and effectively conducting remote pull procedures on suspicious items or ordnance. The kit includes 200 feet of Dyneema pull-line and a full complement of clamping, rigging, and cutting tools designed for quick attachment of the pull-line, decreasing time-on-target and limiting exposure to dangerous overpressure and fragmentation hazards. It also includes an additional 100 feet of pull-line and a smaller pouch for a reduced loadout as well as a hazard marking system suitable for day or nighttime use. The kit is PALS compatible.

(1) 200′ 7/32″ dyneema pull line
(1) 100′ 7/32″ dyneema pull line
(1) Titanium Grapple (TiGR)
(1) Hard storage case
(1) Large carry pouch
(1) Small carry pouch

The TiGR is Zero Point’s Titanium 3 Tine Grapple Hook. Each TiGR is tested to 1000 lbs pull before fielding.

Weighing in at 1.5 lbs, the kit is available in the following colors:
Coyote Brown
Cop Black

Congratulations To Zero Point On Their 10th Anniversary

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Zero Point Awarded 5-Year Contract to Support USSOCOM

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Virginia Beach Explosive Ordnance Disposal Firm Zero Point Awarded $49M Contract to Provide Technical and Program Assistance to Support US Special Operations Command

Virginia Beach, VA, June 27, 2016: Zero Point, a Virginia Beach-based Explosive Ordnance Disposal firm announced that the company has been awarded a five-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract by U.S. Special Operations Command. Under the IDIQ, which carries a maximum ceiling of $49M, Zero Point will provide technical and program support, training for radio-controlled improvised explosive devices, systems analysis, engineering support for explosive ordnance disposal and counter proliferation systems in addition to electronic countermeasures and strategic project support.
As a leading provider of Combatting Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) expertise. Since its inception in 2007, Zero Point has provided product and service support to the Special Operations community. Zero Point, along with its teaming partners, P3MS and Point One, will perform critical tasking across a broad scope of requirements supporting the USSOCOM mission both stateside and abroad.
?Regarding the award, CEO Perry Sasnett says, “we are honored to have the opportunity to continue working these critical efforts in support of USSOCOM and will remain vigilant so that we maintain our position as best in class and value. Our equation is simple but effective…Hard work and dedication by an incredible team”.


Perry Sasnett – Crowdfunding, Pro’s and Con’s

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Zero Point Owner and Retired Navy CWO Perry Sasnett sent us this note about his recent experience with crowdfunding.

Dear SSD Fans,

Recently, Soldier Systems had an advance post of Zero Point’s first foray into crowdfunding during the ADS Warrior West Show. My intent, as the post states, was to launch the Zero Point Down Range Tool (DRT) this last week on Kickstarter. Well, after a substantial effort and some financial investment our project was REJECTED. Of course we appealed and were more than willing to adjust our campaign to fit into what we thought was the Kickstarter guideline, but alas, it was still a No-Go.

Now Kickstarter’s guidelines state “No Weapons, replicas of weapons, and weapon accessories.” Now, the DRT is a lot of things, to include an AR maintenance tool, but to call it a weapon accessory is a bit of a stretch if you ask me. If you see the video you’ll notice that my 8 & 5 year old daughters are using it, even eating with it.

Kickstarter, as a private, multi-billion dollar company can pretty much do whatever they want within legal reason of course, but I just have this…feeling, a feeling that there may be more to our rejected project than not falling within Kickstarter’s rules, whatever those really are. And I’m not the only one.

Below is the appeal letter we sent to Kickstarter and below that is a screen shot of their final response. Also you’ll see several links to previous and/or existing KS campaigns that are either weapons or have a weapon flavor to them. Additionally, I think we’re a very responsible minded company because last year someone on my staff came across a campaign that had no business being in the very public domain.

The above, for those of you not familiar with high-end EOD procedure, is a circuit that can do a few things: teach one how to bypass monitored alarm systems as well as a potential monitored IED circuit. Well, we contacted the individual about the inappropriateness of his campaign and he understandably and graciously pulled it. Good on him! Not so good on Kickstarter’s ignorance of real threats, intended or not.

I’m still a big fan of the crowdfunding idea, wish I had thought of it first, and in all likelihood will attempt to use Kickstarter for some of our future efforts, but I do have concerns that they may not be Fox News (fair and balanced) and without definitive guideline procedures or even someone I can chat with prior to investing in a campaign there’s significant risk which is proportionate to the scope of the project itself.

There is some good news…Indiegogo, baby! Please check out our DRT campaign on Indiegogo.

If you’re down in SOFIC please drop by booth #1536 to see one in person. Always up for feedback in order to improve our kit.

In closing, for those successful with crowdfunding, Congrats! For those considering crowdfunding I recommend some level of caution, depending on the nature of your project and definitely do as much research and socializing as possible. Go into it with eyes open…it’s a time and money investment, period. The percentage of successful campaigns is not favorable either, ~30% for Kickstarter and ~10% for Indiegogo. Of course that’s assuming your project is approved to begin with.

Thanks for your time, look forward to hearing from you and Stay Safe!
Perry Sasnett (USN CWO ret.)
Zero Point’s Founder, CEO

Perry’s appeal is below:

Dear Kickstarter Team,

I recently submitted my project for your review and was just notified that it was declined for falling outside of your rules. I would like to take this opportunity to appeal your decision as I believe my project does meet your guidelines and perhaps my presentation did not fully convey the vast amount of features that my invention offers. According to the e-mail that I received in response to my submission, the message states, “All projects must fit into one of our 15 categories and abide by our rules. Weapon, replicas of weapons and weapons accessories are not permitted on Kickstarter”.

The DRT is neither a weapon, weapon replica, nor intended to be used as a weapon. The DRT is a multi-tool, that has over 50 different features that can be used in various situations such as camping, survival, or everyday fixes around the home. Like any other multi-tool it is multi-functional and can be repurposed by the end-user should they desire; the possibilities for use are endless.

Referencing the below projects, I am not certain exactly what in my project did not meet your requirements because the email I received did not go in to great detail and I wasn’t too sure after viewing these earlier projects.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as this my first time giving Kickstarter a go. For example, was the imagery of the firearm in the video prohibited? In the first link above for the project, Femme Fatale, there are many weapons pictured as well as in the project Iowa Weapons Sci-Fi short film.

Would the kubotan feature have been considered prohibited in terms of a self-defense item? I was just curious because the Krav Maga training and also the Beer Rambit projects promote self-defense products and a multi-tool identified for use as a kubotan. Again, this is my first foray into crowdfunding so I just want to be certain that my project is in sync with your community standards.

My goal is to highlight some of the key features of the DRT which include:
• Multiple Nut Drivers
• Can Opening and Prying for Camping, Outdoor, and Indoor Use
• Wire-stripping functions for home or work
• Multiple Measuring capabilities for home, office, or school
• Micro-storage for Outdoor, Indoor, and Everyday Carry
• Unlimited optional accessory storage
• Glass Breaker

Again, this is a multi-tool designed with over 50 different tools and features so the possibilities really are endless and I would really like to share this with not only former military operators such as myself, but regular guys who enjoy the outdoors, moms and dads who need to fix their children’s bicycle and toys if needed, and emergency personnel who may need a safety tool for a rescue extraction.

I really appreciate this opportunity and the platform that Kickstarter has provided to launch my project and get it in front of people who may be interested in its features. I would like to take this opportunity to resubmit my video to better capture the diverse functions of the product and your diverse audience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Warrior West – Zero Point Down Range Tool

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

This is a prototype of the Down Range Tool from Zero Point. It offers 40 tools in one device.

The DRT will be launched next week as a Kickstarter campaign so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.


Thursday, December 10th, 2015


We’ve recently received the latest iteration of ZERO POINT’s B-Bit Kit. The B-Bit Kit is part of ZERO POINT’s Access line, featuring virtually everything needed to undo, tighten, remove, or fix anything with either SAE or Metric fasteners. Included within the B-Bit Kit is a high-quality miniature 64-tooth ratchet, wide mouth adjustable pliers, and most commonly used 1/4″ drive bits. This comes within a small custom carry case which is available in multiple colors.


Units and Agencies may contact Zero Point to determine the latest configuration of this and other kits, as ZERO POINT constantly updates their kits to reflect the latest technologies and TTPs.

Zero Point And Kopis Mobile Pay Homage To Draper Kauffman – Part 3

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Draper Kauffman Tribute

draper Kauffman 3

Photo by James Cheever, U.S. Naval Academy Museum

In a 3-part series to honor the Father of US Navy EOD and US Navy UDT/SEAL, Zero Point and Kopis Mobile will pay tribute to Admiral Draper Lawrence Kauffman by presenting a few key bullets from his remarkable career, unveiling a few custom designs attributed to his exploits, as well as working up donations to contribute to SOWF and EODWF. Don’t miss it – and visit their booth to find out more at SOFIC – Booth #1818.


Photo: Smith & Wesson Model 625 .45 ACP Revolver, Smith & Wesson Model SW1911 .45 ACP, Custom Logan Riese Motorcycle Jacket, 100oz silver 30mm, 10oz silver .50 Cal, 5oz silver 12 gauge, 2oz silver 7.62, 2oz silver “No Prey, No Pay” Coin, 1oz silver 5.56, 1oz silver .45 ACP. Photo courtesy of Zero Point

Part 3 of 3: Zero Point and Kopis Mobile are shooting Silver Bullets @ SOFIC!

Stop by booth #1818 for your chance to win a pure silver bullet.

You can win a 1 ounce silver bullet from the hourly drawings with a special prize given at the last drawing each day. You don’t have to pay to participate in the drawings, but all donations are greatly appreciated and will go to both the SOWF & EODWF in honor of America’s first “Twin Pin”… Admiral Kauffman.

For the drawings, there are different donation levels and each level earns you a unique gift or more.

$1 – “Pea-Shooter” Level = A Sticker of your choosing AND one chance at hourly drawings

$5 – “Slingshot” Level = A Morale patch or Koozie of your choosing AND one chance at hourly drawings

$10 – “Gunfighter” Level = A ball cap and any one of the previous items AND two chances at hourly drawings

$20 – “Grenadier” Level = A Pin Up Girl T-Shirt and any one of the previous items AND three chances at hourly drawings

$50 – “The Bomb” Level = One each of the above and a 9mm (1oz) Silver Bullet AND unlimited chances at hourly drawings

End of Day Drawings

  • One  10oz Silver .50 Cal Bullet ($200+ value, current market)
  • One Custom Zero Point 1st Line Tool Kit ($250 value)
  • One custom “Suzabelle” Corn Hole Board Set ($250 value)
  • Also, take your chances to win a 1 oz Silver Bullet at the “Fire In The Hole” game within the booth.

    $5 donation gets you (1) One toss and a Morale Patch or a Koozie or a “Fire In The Hole” Challenge Coin. If you fire it in the hole you get a 1 oz Silver Bullet.

    $10 donation gets you (3) Three tosses and any two of the above. If you fire one in the hole you get a 1 oz Silver Bullet for each one you make in the hole. Making all (3) Three in a row earns you a 5 oz Silver Bullet or equal.

    The term “Silver-Bullet” defined:

    1. (noun) A quick solution to a difficult problem.


    Come meet the B.O.M.B. SQUAD at booth #1818

    B.O.M.B. Squad

    Zero Point And Kopis Mobile Pay Homage To Draper Kauffman – Part 2

    Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

    Draper Kauffman Tribute

    Draper Kauffman 2

    Photo: America’s First Frogman – Authors Collection

    In a 3-part series to honor the Father of US Navy EOD and US Navy UDT/SEAL, Zero Point and Kopis will pay tribute to Admiral Draper Lawrence Kauffman by presenting a few key bullets from his remarkable career, unveiling a few custom designs attributed to his exploits, as well as working up donations to contribute to SOWF and EODWF. Don’t miss it – and visit their booth to find out more at SOFIC – Booth #1818

    Zero Point

    Photo courtesy of Zero Point

    Part 2 of 3: Meet Suzabelle

    Suzabelle is the name Draper Kauffman gave the 500lb Japanese bomb he defused following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. No one (U.S. that is) had ever seen this type of ordnance before prior to Kauffman defusing and dismantling the bomb for intelligence. He was awarded his 1st Navy Cross for the operation.

    Suzabelle, the Pin-Up Girl, was commissioned in honor of Kauffman’s remarkable exploits.

    Zero Point & Kopis Mobile will have Suzabelle prominently displayed within their booth at SOFIC, #1818.