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Platatac GBH-R

I spent last week hunting in New Zealand.  One of the first things I packed was my Platatac GBH-R.

I wear it all of the time; while shooting, hunting, hiking and camping. Made from comfortable 100% ripstop cotton, it incorporates full vents on either side and a bungee cinch strap to keep it on your head in the wind. In fact, I wore the GBH-R during a precision shooting course a few weeks ago in SoCal’s high desert where the winds were in excess of 30 mph. It never blew off but didn’t feel uncomfortably tight either.

What I like most about the hat is the short brim which doesn’t block your vision yet still keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your ears.

Mine is in MultiCam, but it’s also offered in AUSCAM as a stock item and occasionally in others as well.

Highly recommended.


20 Responses to “Platatac GBH-R”

  1. threeseven says:

    Still waiting for them to sort out the sizing, I have a GBH-R that I really like but cannot wear because it’s way too small. My regular GBH made from the same material in the same size fits fine.

    There is much discontent with the issued bush hat, there is money to be made here Platatac…

    • Francis says:

      What’s wrong with the issue boonie?

      • AbnMedOps says:

        The brim is all flippy-floppy. That, and even when it’s on the packing list, the chain of command will always prohibit wear.

        We should adopt a slightly modified Filson Bush Hat – a very useful piece of headgear which would project a particularly dashing and soldierly image.

        • Francis says:

          Yeah I’ve heard that. I only had mine on in Iraq. Never in the rain. They should make it out of cotton duck – it would stiffen up in the rain rather nicely, like my Tilley.

          How does the Filson do in the rain. Looks pretty good. Put some MarPat on that sucker.

    • PLATATAC says:


      Thanks for the feedback mate. We are aware and hopefully will have it ironed out on the next run.

      Thanks again,

      Team PLAT

  2. Dev says:

    I’m actually more interested in the spiffy top (softshell?) you’re rocking…

    • SSD says:

      Good things come to those who wait.

      • Dev says:

        My loins are frothing and my body is ready.

        • Steve says:

          Your loins are frothing? Sounds like a fungal infection–you should get that checked out.

          • Eddie says:

            He’s gonna pull an Al Capone.

          • Dev says:

            Been to the doc and been diagnosed with Insatiable Gear Hunger Syndrome or IGHS. One if the symptoms are frothing of the loins when new cool guy gear is sighted. Temporarily sated by purchase of the Tarahumara pack in ODG.

            I’ll be refreshing the home page of SSD like a lab rat in a Skinner Box though for any updatea on that shit hot top.

  3. FLC says:

    What were you hunting? Any luck?

  4. Kango says:

    Same hunt with Mr Beck?

  5. John says:

    L/XL recce boonies in AUSCAM are on sale for $10 a pop, just bought 2 to keep stashed here and there, nice non-tacticool looking pattern if I do say so myself…