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S.O.Tech – Speed Clip Line

Earlier this week we posted a story that challenged industry to offer new police equipment. S.O.Tech has been working on some things so we thought we’d share.

S.O.Tech’s Taser holster Speed Clip System is part of a shift in the law enforcement paradigm. We are witnessing the proliferation of less lethal Taser systems in law enforcement and a shift in public perceptions. When LAPD originally queried SOTech to design an upgraded version of its venerable Taser holster design, the discussion was for a few hundred holsters. After a year, this expanded to an order of 2,330 holsters as part of a contract extendable to 5 years and covering sales to LA Sheriffs Department too. We believe that we are witnessing a paradigm shift from a public expectation that police officers would have a badge and a gun. The new paradigm will be a badge, a gun and a Taser device. S.O.Tech recently delivered 800 Taser holsters to LASD. Be on the lookout for new Taser carriage designs from S.O.Tech in coming months!

Also a sign of the times, S.O.Tech designed the pouches in the Speed Clip line to have a military-inspired functionality but a law enforcement professional appearance. Flaps have minimal external stitch work and foam lining for a clean appearance in addition to a highly modular mounting system that quickly attaches to the belt, thigh or MOLLE vest is a matter of seconds. The unique design incorporates S.O.Tech’s patented ambidextrous flapped design that promotes weapon retention and prevents mistaken weapon identity.

The video announces the three stages of S.O.Tech’s modular law enforcement system: the fixed gun belt, Speed Clip line, and Suit Up line of civil disobedience and assault vest gear. S.O.Tech has been developing this systematic approach since the company’s beginnings in 1997 when LAPD and LASD officers and deputies presented the need for modular response systems.

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2 Responses to “S.O.Tech – Speed Clip Line”

  1. rearmount says:

    Gotta hand it to SOTECH…while they may not have some super-slick marketing campaigns like some other companies, they’re always pushing out new stuff without resting on their laurels. Well done, guys.

  2. Bill says:

    Got one. If someone mistakes their pistol for a TASER when it’s in one of these, they belong working in the pit at Jiffy Lube. No, they’d forget the washer and oil pan bolt. I tend to think that’s responsible for the design