Invincible Arms Acquires Black Forge Weapons

MAY 29, 2015 – Willoughby, OH – Invincible Arms, LLC is proud to announce that it has recently acquired the assets of Black Forge LLC and has completed relocating those assets to Willoughby, OH to operate along with its parent company. As part of the acquisition, Invincible Arms™ has taken possession of all Black Forge Weapons’® raw and finished goods inventory, along with ownership and control of all intellectual property. On-hand inventory of Black Forge branded products will be sold until that inventory is exhausted and Invincible Arms has no plans to build new product under that brand name at this time.

“We are excited to bring Black Forge into our growing family of brands,” commented Israel M. (Izzy) Anzaldua, President of Invincible Arms. “We are striving for excellence in quality and reliability in the AR-15 market, along with building long lasting relationships with our customers. Our team’s objective is to provide the best service possible every day.”

Black Forge Weapons will continue to sell parts and components, dedicated to servicing both dealer level customers and consumers directly, by phone or online. Invincible Arms will focus on complete firearms, upper and lower assemblies and a host of proprietary accessories to complement the AR-15 platform.

“As we see the race to the bottom on price, we would rather provide a quality product and have a strong presence for years to come,” stated Anzaldua. “As the saying goes – the customer is always number one. Always.”

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One Response to “Invincible Arms Acquires Black Forge Weapons”

  1. Roy Woodall says:

    Having retired from 20 years of police service I can say with a strong opinion that police officers won’t be safer with hard plates. Whoever thinks that heavier gear is a good idea for patrol officers should wear hard plates for 6 or 7 days a week for six months in full kit through the summer. Dont dress up to get shot.