#KCRF Giveaway

It’s the last day of May but already feels like summer, so how about a giveaway?

Mojo Tactical just released two new variant of the Keep Calm Return Fire logo patch in Black/Glow-in-the-dark and Black/Grey.  We’d like to give these, along with an original Blood Red patch, to a lucky reader. We’d also like to include some KCRF stickers from Tactical Distributors.


To enter:

1. In the comments section of THIS article on SSD, tell us what you’d like to see SSD do more of. Only entries here are eligible to win.

2. Comments are open from now until 1300 Zulu on 2 June, 2015.

3. Use any alias you want to post but be sure to use a valid email address since that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

4. One winner will be selected at random from the comments we receive.

5. One entry per email address. We will delete entries that violate this policy.

6. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

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209 Responses to “#KCRF Giveaway”

  1. orly? says:

    I would like the emphasis of “Keep Calm and Return Fire.”

    As in clarifying RETURN fire and not to overreact in the age of extreme paranoia, especially with Jade Helm 15 looming on the horizon.

    May common sense prevail.

  2. nathan says:

    I need to get one to my buddy who is currently putting bullets in ISIS heads and can’t enter for him self…

  3. Coastie says:


  4. Billiam says:

    I read your mini-review of the Platatac GBH-R and ordered one; I just got it in the mail and I can tell I’m going to like it.

    I would like to see more “micro-reviews” from people who have tried out a lot of different kit and have found certain items that are best-in-class. (In the vein of the Kevin Kelly Cool Tools blog).

  5. Harrison says:

    More new gear updates. I love how SSD keeps me posted on what useful things are new.

  6. Ben says:

    “Gunfighter Moment” has enlightened me more than a few times. I would love to see more recurring segments like that, although not necessarily on the topic of gunfighting. Interviews which reveal innovative ways certain mission goals were accomplished, or why things are done a certain way (from tactics to kit configuration) would be very interesting to read.

    I’m interested in more coverage on the manufacturing processes, material selection, R&D, and any other science-y fun that goes into making the gear we drool over.

    I’m also interested in more civilian/off-duty content such as EDC gear, although I appreciate the avoidance of fringe topics like prepping and tinfoil hat-making.

  7. I agree with the LE division idea as well. It’d allow each to be more focused and minimize the articles a particular group scrolls through.

    Might minimize the “This doesn’t apply to me so I think it sucks comments.” Ha! We know it wouldn’t.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve written about LE equipment issues before but I’ve been blasted for daring to mention them. Apparently, I’m a cop hater and unqualified to cover LE.

  8. Daniel says:

    I would like to see a weekly feature showing some of the ways that soldiers have made due with less. Pretty much everyone who has been in has had to modify their issued gear, repair something on the fly, or create something completely new to fulfill an important role. Let’s what kind of ingenuity SSD reader’s have for creative problem solving and improvised field solutions!

  9. Ronin says:

    Darn… Coming in last… Well all of the above will be good =)

    Go Go SSD

  10. Ben says:

    More gunfighter moments! Still, we’ll balanced as it is.

  11. wokka says:

    Great work!

    keep increasing input from international manufacturers, I know its tough to do but worth it!!

    Also big soldier systems procurement wins from coalition militaries would be great to high light whole force equipment capability.

  12. Patrick says:

    Scrolled down hoping to see like 10-12 comments. Instead saw 112. Well, damn.

    Great site. Love just about all the articles. Wouldn’t mind more on kit/load out for different situations.

    I’d also like to see you guys do reminders on crowd funding projects when they are getting down to their last 48 hours.

  13. Tom says:

    I think the site is awesome as is. That said, given I’m in New Zealand, I would like to see some more international stuff, and as others have mentioned I think some kit reviews and behind the scenes with manufacturers would be cool.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. z0phi3l says:

    Like seeing more gear reviews, especially gear that can be used for EDC not just mil only gear, I even have a suggestion, anything from direct Action Gear

  15. TM says:

    If it’s even possible, more coverage of Soldier Systems (OK, Joint Warfighter Systems) – gov’t-developed and commercial; past, present, and future. This site is already a great source of industry news – insight into topics like the Army’s new uniform as well as product announcements on the commercial side.

  16. Travis says:

    More gear reviews, innovations etc… for emergency services!!

  17. Guy Mandude says:

    I have enjoyed some of your “historical” articles about gear (Objective Force Warrior, the recent glimpse into the modern canteen/GP pouch, etc). It gives a first hand account that separates fact from fiction, shows that modern designs did not happen over night, and in some cases how far we have come. I would like to see features like this regularly (maybe like a Throwback Thursday). Keep up the great work.

  18. Michael says:

    SSD is great! I would be interested in more TCCC info and Medic info.

  19. Darrel says:

    I would like to see more throwbacks to old equipment like you did with the canteen pouches. There are lots of old brands out there that deserve some credit, that only people who have been “around the block” would really know about. It’s always cool to read about old Eagle and LBT chest rigs, LC-2 Era pouches, etc. I think it’s important to not only see where we are going, but where we have come from as well.

    Also, I like the idea of a new site/sub-site for Law Enforcement written in the same sort of format, possibly with editorials on police doctrine and philosophies of use, etc.

  20. Hanley says:

    Enjoy reading the current content. Would like to see more firearm coverage. (I.e. News releases, product recalls, up and coming manufacturers, and performance reviews that are objective)

  21. Matt says:

    Love SSD. More LE coverage would be great but especially if you could manage to serve as a go between from end users and manufacturing with all of your connections. They want to stay on top of what customers want and customers (LE) would love to have input. Kit for LE doesn’t get near the thought than military stuff gets. Inline with your previous attempt at fostering new uniform design ideas (which, btw, I couldn’t be more grateful for). I think it’d be a win for all parties involved.

  22. Marmatt says:

    History behind the gear.
    Similarly, development stories for products.
    Cross use products: outdoor, hunting, travel, survival, etc.
    Anything by Mike Pannone.

  23. Patriotic Sheepdog says:

    SSD rocks already, but more articles on military crossover to civilian kit would be appreciated. Otherwise…KCRF!

  24. Luke says:

    Agree with Adam – more military stuff! SSD is my home page! Maybe some 3GUN stuff too?

  25. KP says:

    I appreciate your comments and commentary so I’d like to see more op-eds and analyticals related to anything that may, or perhaps may not, pertain to SSD content.

  26. Thumper says:

    Always enjoy the gear reviews and pictures. Often your pictures and details are better than the manufacture gives on their site. Would like to see more reviews geared toward law enforcement purposes. SSD is my go to site for gear reviews and news.

  27. Jmo0311 says:

    You guys have an awesome site! Maybe some more new firearm releases? Thanks

  28. BrightSparc says:

    More information on ammunition people are using and advances in the industry. I spend a lot more $$ on projectiles than gear or the things that start them on their merry way.

  29. Great site. I’d like to see more on vehicles.


  30. Sean says:

    I’d like to hear more about 2A news, specifically bills at the federal level that we can pressure our reps/senators to vote for or against, as well as BATFE shenanigans that effect all of us.

  31. TK says:

    I would love to see more overviews and days in the life of various units and forces eg combat weathermen, SBS, GIGN, etc.

  32. K says:

    I’d love to hear more about the firearms industry with regard to LEO/MIL.

  33. P. Hogan says:

    Great site! More training videos would be terrific addition!

  34. German Caban says:

    I visit SSD because is the only place to see the latest in products and equipment for Mil and LE. Only good quality and credible vendors are feature here, it would be awesome to have video reviews and a lot of silencer/suppressor content, other than that you have one of the best sites on the web.

  35. Miclo18d says:

    I want to see more articles on the difference between Multicam and OCP!

  36. Wesley says:

    Y’all really do a superlative job, this is one of a couple websites I check daily.

    If anything changes, I’d love to see more detailed gear reviews (the more in depth the better). Gear announcements are great and all, but I’d really like if you had “gunfighter moments” that focused on gear: highlighting a little known use for a ubiquitous piece of kit, first hand impressions of items of kit, etc. Those would be great.

  37. AFDefender says:

    An ongoing contest of photo submissions of where one has been, without an actual KCRF patch but posing as if they had one in hand. The best submissions would be awarded a KCRF patch to showcase future expeditions.

  38. TexAg14 says:

    Can’t complain about SSD overall.

    Maybe the content isn’t out there, but I love seeing gear/gadgets/news that influences both the Tactical and Practical side.

  39. Geoff says:

    LEO-based version. But someone beat me to it. Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Geoff says:

      Hell, better idea. God what you can to get Arcteryx to make LEAF items in Navy blue.

  40. dan says:

    i’d like to see SSD conduct interviews with various gear manufacturers and trainers

  41. Kris says:

    This site is a multiple time a day visit for me! As an instructor I would like to see courses of fire for weapon platforms included. This would allow us to have more training info at our disposal to enhance our instruction.

  42. Norman says:

    It would be nice if you included some more info about gear from Europe, especially the eastern european countries, but I do understand that it is hard to get infos when situated in America.

  43. Ed says:

    Since there are over 140 comments ahead of mine, I can see several segments of your audience in their comments. Each wants more of what they prefer. I enjoy the mix of what SSD currently offers. Your inclusion of “Matt Landfair Discusses Weapons For Home Defense” with the explanation that is not something that normally is not included on SSD was a good choice. Matt Landfair had some interesting things to say and should be included again. as with anything else, if someone does not want to read what Matt Landfair has to say can just skip down to the next article, which was from Larry Vickers.

  44. Ed says:

    “Matt Landfair Discusses Weapons For Home Defense

    … It’s not the kind of thing you’d generally see on SSD, but we thought it was worth a share.”

    Yes, it was. I like the mix of what SSD covers now, and encourage you to include anything else that you think is worth a share. Your readers will let you know what they think.

  45. Machina says:

    Real life reviews of gear and guns

  46. Nikita Yutani says:

    More tech and kit posts. More updates on the PEO and DoD equipment programs. Other than that the website is fantastic.

  47. Lasse says:

    I pretty much like everything posted on SSD. However, I would love to see more posts on historic pieces of gear and their story.

  48. Hillbilly2375 says:

    Would like to see more info on new upstart companies that may require a “crowd funding” type event to help get them up and running.

  49. mynameisntsteve says:

    I honestly don’t follow SSD all that closely, but I really like what I do see!

  50. Rossi says:

    This I need. Really need. You others go away. It’s mine.