Darley Defense Days – Edge Tactical Eyewear

Edge Safety Eyewear was founded 20 years ago in Utah. All of their ballistic safety eyewear are Z87.1+2010 and MCEPS rated through testing at Colts Laboratories. Additionally, they’ve integrated their proprietary “Vapor Shield” anti-fog technology demonstrated in this video.  

They offer a full line of tactical eyewear including goggles and glasses.


3 Responses to “Darley Defense Days – Edge Tactical Eyewear”

  1. Evets Steve says:

    [quote]…a full line of tactical eyewear…[/quote]

    Not a one OD5+ LPL on there.

    I guess some NPE’s are more NPE than others…

  2. Paul J says:

    Vapor Shield simply didn’t work.