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Active Shooter Axe from RMJ Tactical

Shown at Blade Show, the upcoming Active Shooter Axe by RMJ Tactical was designed specifically for use by LEOs.

It includes all of the functionality of the Shrike in a more compact form factor which will be less obtrusive and fit into an active shooter or trunk bag. It is well suited for Breaking Locks amd other Breaching as well as Rescue. We also heard that it’s quite handy for chopping marijuana.



15 Responses to “Active Shooter Axe from RMJ Tactical”

  1. d says:

    I love the idea of everyone carrying breaching tools, but I’m not convinced that little tomahawks should really be considered breaching tools. If you’ve got $400+ to spend on “breaching tools”, and you want to keep it small, get a collapsible hoolie.

    • threeseven says:

      Nobody ever got a sweet CQB kill on Medal of Honor: Warfighter with a collapsible hoolie :rolleyes:

      But seriously I want one of these anyway.

  2. orlando gomez says:

    For that price your could get a pro bar, and its way better for forcible entry

  3. Justin says:

    Or just get a cent kangie for 1/4 the price

  4. Justin says:

    Correction crkt kangee

  5. Brett says:

    Just get a CRKT then. If you don’t want to buy it fine, but don’t whine about the price. There is a premium paid for handcrafted, forged, American made products. Also, why don’t you compare the weight of the other breaching tools.

    Weight matters…if it weighs to much some will leave it behind.

    • Joe says:

      Just because it’s America hand forged doesn’t mean it not stupid. It’s still stupid if ît has the same performance at x4 the price and just because it’s 4x the price don’t mean its higher performance.

      I will never understand why SSD has such a “tactical tomahawk” fetish when firefighters and swat, the guys who breach everyday for a living, never use one.

      If you say they do,show me,and if you do manage to show me, I’ll show you 1000 using a real tool.

      • SSD says:

        It’s not a fetish. It’s the market. They sell, guys use buy them.

        You know, entire successful companies have sprung up that build these damned things. So, I don’t who is buying them them, but if you tell me no one uses them, then apparently, someone is hoarding a lot of axes.

      • Neil_F_32 says:

        Because you have a complete misconception on the “real world” application of tactical tomahawks, I will take a moment to try and explain to you where your perception is lacking. Please do not mistake the performance levels of your run of the mill $50-$150 tomahawk, with that of those made by the great men and women of companies such as RMJ Tactical or Dan Winkler. Though there are many people who are completely content with a $100 tomahawk to take on a camping trip or caress while sitting on their couch watching “The Patriot” (great movie by the way), this is not the case for many.

        I have worked and lived with men that have destroyed, during R&D or T&E, what people like you call, an equal piece of equipment at 1/4 of the price. Those same men do not have the luxury of wondering if/when a piece of gear will fail them, and will happily pay the $450-$600 to ensure this will not happen when they need it. The tactical tomahawk was born out of a requirement by those that were going into harms way and is used on a daily basis by those same types of individuals. I have worked in jobs where I used a halligan/hooligan or pry bar and a sledge hammer and I am not saying that they do not have their place, but they are very singular in nature and cumbersome. I have also spent the later part of my career using the tools that you describe as a fetish, and I can tell you that there is absolutely a NEED for such tools. I do not expect you to understand this necessity, as by your comment you have never had to try to mitigate every pound that you carried on your body and ensure that you could use it for multiple applications. If it did not serve multiple purposes, or was too heavy it did not go.

        I hope that in the future you educate yourself before commenting. If you choose not to (and exercise your freedom of speech) at least remember those that have protected your right to make those same comments, and that those men are most likely carrying a $500 tomahawk.

        • lcpl1066 says:

          You must not read the New York Times. Article last week went into detail about Seals using tomahawks (specifically the Winkler hawks Neil mentioned) regularly for breaching and combatives. I agree; they are very expensive and I am in no rush to have an extra cumbersome piece of equipment hanging off my kit. However, if you doubt they are being utilized by those who go bump in the night, feel free to check out the article.


        • BM says:

          Some dudes just don’t get it. ^this guy thankfully does. I am just sorry that this same rhetoric needs to be explained time and time again to the “Oh my “X” that I paid “Y” for is better than “A”and it costs 10 times more than my “X”” folk.

          From experience I find that these people only see the foreground and have absolutely zero vis on the background, let alone can begin to understand that the background exists.

          The same people often fail to understand how supply and demand works.

          More importantly, anyone have any info on the makeup of the grip?

  6. Bill says:

    Eradication season is coming up, but I’d hate to put that to the abuse.

    Biggest challenge will be seeing if I can assemble a rig out of MC tropic between now and then.

  7. Erick says:

    Still not up on their website.

  8. Joe.G says:

    Call the shop and order one – they had some come back from Blade & yes I scored one today, how I choose to spend my hard earned dollars is my business !!! As Neil_F_32 unless you have equipment fail or have the necessity for this tool, keep buying what you require & leave others to their expertise & experience….