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Troya To Reveal Its New Aviator’s NVG, The STRIX, At The Paris Air Show 2015

Troya Tech Defense has announced they will reveal their new Aviator’s NVG, The Strix, at the upcoming Paris Air Show 2015. The full release can be read below:

Troya Tech Defense Ltd., an Israeli manufacturer of Electro-Optical devices and Defense related equipment, will expose in the upcoming Air Show in Paris, the STRIX, its new advanced Night Vision Imaging System for Aviators (ANVIS).

Troya was established by veterans of the Israeli Defense industry, with vast experience in the Electro-Optics world. The company has recently developed the STRIX (the name of an owl genus), a Night Vision Goggles for Aviators, or ANVIS (Aviator Night Vision Imaging System), which complements the company’s abilities in the field of aviation. The STRIX allows the pilot for scenery familiarization at nighttime, or in cases when there is no sufficient light source available in the surrounding area. A rotary or fixed wing aircraft can be landed, ground forces acquisition and ranging can be done at ease, all using the STRIX, which is fully compatible to the illuminated panels of the cockpit. The STRIX is very lightweight, can be mounted on the majority of existing pilot helmets in use, and is compatible with various visors.

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“In such case where a certain country does not have modern aircrafts, we can also provide upgrade services and transform the existing cockpit to a fully NVG compatible platform, so that is a non-issue.” Says Troya’s CEO and one of its founders, Mr. Yacov Galam. “It is true that there are already a few ANVIS models available in the market, but you could say the same thing in regards to cellular phones, for instance. And as you know, every year dozens of new models come out to the market, each taking the existing components and their output a few levels above what we knew to be possible before. This is exactly how we see the STRIX- an idea already known to all, but at the same time, with specifications and performance that were never seen before! And on a side note, it also looks amazing. We very much believe in correct design and ergonomics, and we have invested a great deal of time, resources and efforts in order to bring the user interface to the maximum comfort and functionality levels possible. The STRIX is going to be the chosen ANVIS for military and civilian pilots, for all kinds of missions; SAR (Search &Rescue), EMS (Emergency Medical Services), nighttime landing and many more.”

Troya, a new player in the Night Vision production business, develops a broad spectrum of Image Intensifying devices, where the user is exposed to levels of sight and observation that the human eye simply cannot detect. Galam- “A lot of people have already wrote obituaries for the Image Intensifying Tube, and said that the future is going to be all thermal. This has been heard for over a decade, and we still see today , that there is a growing demand for IIT based devices. There is no way around it, you simply shouldn’t change horses in midstream. Having said that, we do acknowledge the special capabilities of the thermal imaging based devices, and we are obviously working at this front as well, with new capabilities to be revealed”.

Troya’s laboratory is at Kibbutz Negba, Israel. Its headquarters are at Ra’anana, Israel. The company has another office at Milan, Italy that deals with the European market.


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