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You Know You’ve Made It When

 When your Aegis belt is featured in “Jurrasic World” and then Lego uses it on a line of minifigs.


Congrats to Ares Gear!


7 Responses to “You Know You’ve Made It When”

  1. Lt M says:

    Don’t let this newfound fame go straight to your little plastic heads!

  2. Patrick says:

    I’ve decided that if you are an armed guard at a Jurassic Park, you have a cake job about 99% of the time. But if an alarm starts sounding, your life expectancy drop to about 3 seconds.

  3. Chris K. says:

    That’s awesome, good work Jake, Brad, Collin and everybody at Ares Gear.

  4. E-Rock says:

    Kickass! Thanks to Ares Gear for letting me lend a hand.