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Prometheus Design Werx Versa Bear

From Prometheus Design Werx comes the Versa Bear, a happy bear-shaped, re-usable, TSA carry-on approved, food grade, 2oz, silicone, adventure & travel squeeze bottle.  I’ve got to say, it’s s rather unconventional product but definitely an interesting design exercise.  

Save the Honey Bee
A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Versa Bear is donated by PDW to various wildlife conservancies and to help saving the Honey Bee.

“No-Drip” – Resistant Cap
Prevents spilling during normal usage and while packed away

Allows for contents identification and volume level

2oz Size
Meets TSA requirements. Good for 2-3 day trip

Travel Size
Easily packable in your pack, shoulder bag, lunchbox, carry-on, and more

Versa Bears are available as a 3-Pack for $20.00.


One Response to “Prometheus Design Werx Versa Bear”

  1. Bill says:

    As stupid as the TSA regs are, these look like true low-vis and an excellent way to pass liquid contraband through secured areas like airports and correctional facilities, therefore I’ll be ordering some for training purposes. I’ll let somebody else determine how they take to keistering.

    The beekeepers around here have been hit hard. Now the designers need to do ones that are bat-shaped, and donate to White-Nose Syndrome research, which is wiping out our bat population.