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Royal Australian Navy Adopts New Jacket from Platatac

Australia’s Defence Material Organisation has procured a new cold weather jacket from Platatac to replace the current doona/Stanley coat for the RAN.


According to DMO, The RAN cold weather jacket roll-out program has already commenced, with Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia personnel issued their jackets in March and April 2015, followed by units in the ACT region in May. Units in NSW and WA will be issued their jackets over the period May to June, while QLD and NT units are likely to receive theirs in late 2015.

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10 Responses to “Royal Australian Navy Adopts New Jacket from Platatac”

  1. netrunner says:

    that grey auscam is really neat

  2. GMK says:

    The new stuff looks better. Just standing by for the next series of Sea Patrol so they can release it.

  3. Bill says:

    1/60th of a second earlier he was looking at her butt.

    The pattern looks like it might have potential for general urban/suburban LE work. and it would identify us from the population wearing Woodland and ACUs Why do the furriners get all the cool stuff?

  4. mike says:

    Any chance we’ll see some more DPNU hit the markets? I like the look and it’s maybe easier to get than Raid since Kryptek seems pretty uninterested in it.