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Royal Australian Navy Adopts New Jacket from Platatac

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Australia’s Defence Material Organisation has procured a new cold weather jacket from Platatac to replace the current doona/Stanley coat for the RAN.


According to DMO, The RAN cold weather jacket roll-out program has already commenced, with Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia personnel issued their jackets in March and April 2015, followed by units in the ACT region in May. Units in NSW and WA will be issued their jackets over the period May to June, while QLD and NT units are likely to receive theirs in late 2015.

RAN Issues New Uniforms

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Although the Royal Australian Navy announced plans for a new camouflaged uniform over a year ago, they just recently began issuing them. The modified DPCU is intended to denote RAN personnel as being Australian as it as much a branding issue as a form of camouflage. Most interesting, the sleeves have reflective bands to help identify over board crewmen.

RAN Cams

New RAN Uniform

Photos from Australian Defense Force.